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J.J. Abrams’ STRANGER Teaser… What Does It Mean?!

In a bit of cryptic chicanery for which J.J. Abrams’ Bad Robot is known, the company today released a teaser for a project they’re just calling Stranger. The whole thing is a mystery thus far. Who is the man who apparently fell from the sky? Why does he have what appear to be cut restraints around his wrist? What is the significance of his shaggy hair? Did he fall from the sky or has he fallen towards the sky? Why is there a creepy guy with his mouth sewn up after him? Who is narrating this trailer? Why don’t they ever tell us what these movies are about?

Both Variety and Deadline shared the trailer this morning and have mentioned the fact that Bad Robot has a Stephen King story (about going back in time to stop the JFK assassination) and a Rod Serling story in development. Variety suggests this trailer is likely for that television or digital series and not for a film, seeing as Abrams is prepping Star Wars Episode VII at the moment at Disney.

What do you all think this could be? Would you watch whatever it turns out to be? Bad Robot tends not to steer us wrong. Start a friendly and respectful conversation in the comments below. I’ll be busy trying to get the face of that guy out of my mind-brain.


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  1. Leonam says:

    Man I loved this movie! I thought it was right up there with Spinal Tap and Best of Show . This is truly my kind of humor! I think we can except many more good things to come from Guest.

  2. Xuan says:

    OMG, I just got back like 10 minutes ago and I can’t even say egounh about that movie! Holy moly! Just tweeted this: If I was a directr wanting to make a superhero movie, I’d set my camera down, get on my knees, bow down to Whedon & say u win’ #theavengers

  3. Xadrian says:

    That’s a quiwt-cikted answer to a difficult question

  4. Darvin says:

    This is just the perecft answer for all forum members

  5. Francisco Samour says:

    It is obviously Lost, the man is Sajid Jarra, he is alive, the island brought him back, listen to the narration, look at the man coming out of the water, the USC, everything reeks of a Lost sequel. Pople, Sajid Jarra is back! 😀

  6. Hailey says:

    True rebelstarbird. Maybe that will be in next teaser. 😉

  7. rebelstarbird says:

    Hailey, it does look like Old Gregg. Couldn’t see a mangina anywhere though.

  8. Eric Torres says:

    It’s Wilson, fulfilling his plan to get revenge on Tom hank’s for leaving him on the island….at the end of the video “soon he will know” turns into “soon….will” WILSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Hailey says:

    Looks a lil like Old Gregg…

  10. Nathan says:

    First thing that came to me was the TV series Lost. The JJ Abrams, bad robot, the background music, the beach and the guy had a look of either sahid or sawyer! Just a thought.

  11. machine777 says:

    Roekest – I think you are totally right.
    The music is definitely michael giacchino, and those last few notes are SO very Lost. Also the final sound effect. and the hair…yup. I think you nailed it.

  12. Roekest says:

    Sounds like LOST music…looks like Sayid. He didn’t fall from the sky….he escaped the sub!!!

  13. Laura says:

    I agree with Elijah…

  14. Elijah says:

    Guys, call me crazy, but did any one else think of the Joker? The scars on his mouth, forgetting your memory and being “reborn”, the title? The joker once said what doesn’t kill you only makes you stranger. Just something I thought about.

  15. MonarchHench says:

    I think the protagonist is Death.

  16. john arrowman says:

    There is a possibility that it could be an original script called Stranger.

  17. CJ says:

    I am going to agree that it sounds like Christopher Plummer doing the narration …. and that’s all I have to say until more viral videos are released from BAD ROBOT PRODUCTIONS (except one person had bindings around his wrist, while another had their mouth stitched shut)

  18. Ross says:

    I went Aquaman immediatly too. Then dismised it for the same reasons others here haave. I am excited becaause I like weird mystery. For myself, I hope it’s aa new IP. O’l JJ may be working with some of the biggest franchises going but I wouldnt put it past him to do a smaller riskier passion or personal project especially if its for the Web or TV. I choose to be positive and look forward to more. And try to get that face out of my breain with my old pal Jim Beam

  19. Cam says:

    The guy looks like Deadpool in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. Too bad it’s probably never going to happen. Ever.

  20. Sam says:

    Reboot of the early 90’s BBC series “The Stranger” that was purposefully reminiscent of Doctor Who?

  21. Very Exciting says:

    I thought of Count Of Monte Cristo too, John on. Does JJ have any connection with David S. Goyer, I heard he was doing a Monte Cristo script.

  22. Jason says:

    It’s definitely michael giacchino

  23. Brady says:

    I was thinking Crow as well… like Sean Filkins thought.

  24. Sean Filkins says:

    Looks like The Crow to me…however, I heard LOST in there…hmmm.

  25. Kate says:

    Sounds kind of like Christopher Plummer. The movie? I have no idea.

  26. Julie says:

    It’s the new dark and twisty adaptation of Nightmare Before Christmas.. Only.. It doesn’t look adolescent friendly….

  27. Ludd says:

    Albert Camus?

  28. Jeff MacDonald says:

    Kind of reminded me of Tales of the Black Freighter.

  29. John says:

    It has a lot of similarities to Count of Monte Cristo

  30. Daniel says:

    Aquaman (or possibly, given JJ’s new Disney association, the Sub-Mariner)! Just got that feeling even though I know I’m wrong.

  31. Kenny says:

    Sounds like Liam Neeson

  32. Ali M says:

    It’s JJ – I’m in.

  33. Mark W. Gray says:

    It looks like a remake of either “The Man Who Fell to Earth” or “Brother From Another Planet” Both smart Sci-Fi films with NO special effects.

  34. Jsen says:

    Looks like Moby Dick.

  35. Ajpickett says:

    Is he rebooting Catholicism? Mira predicted it!