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It’s Not Just A Bike, It’s A Star Wars Bike

Thursday turned out to be Bike to Work Day, of which, as a non-commuter, I was totally unaware. Besides, I live in the Los Angeles area, where driving to work is considered a birth right. But the folks at Skywalker Ranch are up in Northern California, where they take biking to work more seriously, and in honor of the occasion, posted a piece on the conversion of a plain old bike into “The Empire Strikes Bike,” a vehicle with an The Empire Strikes Back theme, of course.

The bike, which was unveiled late last year and was conceived by Lucasfilm but built as a “fan endeavor,” started out as a standard Skywalker Ranch staff cruiser bike, then added its flavor from parts acquired on eBay, cannibalized from old bikes and toys. They don’t sell bikes like this, but they hope you’ll be inspired to create your own Star Wars-themed bikes. And who wouldn’t want a bike with lightsabers and a Vader head (from a Pez dispenser!) on the handlebars and stuff?

HT: Boing Boing, Craft

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  1. bike bell says:

    Our bikes feature a well built frame, with the most high end seats on the market.

  2. shhh says:

    no lasers? meh

  3. Scott says:

    So Lucasfilm “conceived” something that has only the most tenuous connection to their original work? At least they’re consistant. Looking forward to the Return Of The Jedi bowling ball.

  4. Josh from Europe says:

    (((d(–__–)b))) sweet

  5. Brian says:

    Reminds me of an Orange County Chopper (from American Chopper): just glue on some bits to something that already exists and, hey! instant theme bike!

  6. Gwif says:

    I thought the same thing – this is Pee Wee Herman’s bike. I love Star Wars but I wouldn’t want this bike.

  7. “Total, total, totally, total providence!”

    -Robert Downey Jr., on his “new” bike in “A Scanner Darkly”

  8. Livius says:

    That is one impressive bike. At first glance I thought it was Pee Wee’s