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[Update] It’s Here! The Final X-MEN: DAYS OF FUTURE PAST Trailer

The final trailer for X-Men: Days Of Future Past just hit the web and boy May 23 couldn’t feel further away. Let’s not waste any time ladies and gentlemen, scroll on down and enjoy the “X-traordinary” TV spot that awaits:

Wow! Either past-Magneto is up against an extremely formidable foe, or the guy must really hate arena sports with the way he lifted and tossed that stadium. And how about our pal Wolvy, getting his Doctor Who on and heading back in time to wrangle up the mutants of the past to fight with the mutants of the present.

I don’t know about you guys, but my excitement for this one just Blackbird jet-propelled through the freaking roof! Did this trailer get you as amped about Days Of Future Past as it got me? Feel free to express your excitement (or lack thereof) in the comments below.


The good folks at Latino-Review have made us aware of a new Japanese trailer that has been released for the film:

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  2. formerroadie says:

    Fox will destroy another X-Men arch. Why film makers feel the need to mess with perfection is beyond me. Singer is a nightmare. There was absolutely no need to rearrange the X-Men timeline. The only reason they do this crap is because they think audiences are dumb and can’t handle the original, which was perfection. I mean, the phoenix saga was a disaster. Really? Phoenix is just Jean’s inner psyche? Give me a break. I’m tired of Fox and Sony screwing up some of Marvel’s best properties. If Americans were smart, and they typically aren’t. they would stay home and make Fox and Sony lose their shirts on these films, thereby giving them incentive to revert the franchises back to Marvel. As it is, we are stuck with crap.

  3. tk says:

    Argh, they could at least give young Professor X brown contact lenses so he looks somewhat like Patrick Stewart. The movie looks fun though!

  4. usagicassidy says:

    Whine Whine Whine, Moan Moan Moan, that’s all I hear from you people! How can you look at an EPIC trailer like this and say “disappointing.” Some people are just ridiculous.

  5. PaladinPool619 says:

    This is the first trailer that actually makes me want to see the movie. Looks just as good as the other X-Men movies. Don’t like that Halle Berry is back. My least favorite character in the other movies, mainly because Halle Berry is not a good actress. And annoying.

  6. VampyrLord360 says:

    @TheMightyBruski: If u remember X-Men III: The Last Stand, when The Prof. and Magneto visited Jean Grey, then u would remember seeing the Prof, walking around on two legs and was not paralyzed at the time.

  7. Jessica Duffy says:

    I’ll probably watch this once it gets to netflix but I haven’t been excited about this movie since they revealed that Logan goes back instead of Kitty. Shadowcat was the whole backbone of the story arc in the comic and changing that changes the whole thing. This feels more like Days of Future Present than Days of Future Past. which would be ok if that’s what they said they were making.

    Also not crazy about Singer. Since, you know, he hates comic books.

  8. krogan-charging says:


  9. TheMightyBruski says:

    How’s the Prof walking around again…?

  10. Matthew Rowe says:

    The lack of Cyclops excites me. He’s so boring. And Singer is definitely the man for the job. He became mediocre after leaving X-men. I’m glad to see him back

  11. Afroqueen says:

    The lack of Cyclops disappoints me, but I’m cautiously excited after that trailer, though I’m not that impressed with some of the CGI.

  12. DexterBartowski says:

    Unreal… As a huuuge ‘X-Men’ fan, I just cannot get over how mediocre these films are. Bryan Singer is the greatest ‘almost-great’ director of all-time. He just keeps ‘almost getting there’ and then failing at the last second.

    Getting this massive cast together, selecting an iconic storyline, and landing ‘The Dinklage’ should have locked this in as the best ‘X-Men’ film yet. I guess we are still stuck hoping that someone, someday will surpass ‘X2’…. the only serviceable ‘X-Flick’ so far.

  13. Pedak says:

    So glad to have Singer back on X-Men!

  14. Sarah says:

    Well, I’m definitely excited. Hopefully they can clean up some of that CGI before the premier though.

  15. Johann says:

    I like Ian McKellen enough to watch him Magneto once again, no matter how disappointing the movie as a whole might or might not be. Also Patrick Stewart, his voice infects reading the comics for me.

  16. jessejames36 says:

    Take my money. TAKE IT!

  17. Jon says:

    Disappointing. Brian Singer is not the man for the job.