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It’s Global Geekery Monday at YouTube Geek Week!


It is Global Geekery Monday at YouTube Geek Week, with videos celebrating geekery and nerdism around the world. Your ambassador for the day is YOMYOMF, and Philip Chung is here to welcome you. Phil?


That is a typical comment you’ll find on a number of our videos that some viewers found to be too…weird. Whether it was Japanese director Noboru Iguchi’s (The Machine Girl) ode to posteriors with minds of their owns or music videos celebrating what it means to be free-spirited, “weird” is the right word to describe some of the reaction to our more adventurous work.

The other frequent criticism we receive is that we’re not “Asian” enough. The YOMYOMF Network launched last summer as one of YouTube’s original channels, and as a collaboration between filmmaker Justin Lin (the Fast and Furious franchise) and top YouTubers Ryan Higa, KevJumba and Chester See, we are, for all intents and purposes, the “Asian American”-themed YouTube channel. But from the very start, we’ve made a conscious decision to go against what you might expect from an “Asian American” channel. Simply put, we didn’t want to present content that felt like we were trying to educate viewers on the Asian American experience. We wanted to be fresher, edgier and show Asian Americans in a way that you didn’t normally see in mainstream American culture.

Which, in turn, led to questions such as “why are your videos so weird?” and “why aren’t you more Asian?”

So when YouTube and Nerdist approached us to be an ambassador channel for Geek Week’s Global Geekery Day, we thought it’d be the perfect opportunity to kill two birds with one stone—pay musical tribute to all things geeky and Asian (everything from cosplay to Pikachu to Bollywood dance numbers) while making fun of ourselves for being…well, weird and not Asian enough. The result: “How to be More Asian.”

We’ve also helped curate some of the best geeky YouTube videos from the UK, Asia and around the world so if you’re looking for the best of anime or Dr. Who or Indian superheroes, Global Geekery Day was made just for you. And we invite everyone to visit the YOMYOMF Network—we promise we’ll keep the weirdness to a minimum and take the Asianness to “11.”


Thanks, Phil. And now, more videos. First, Ryan Higa succumbs to the pressure and offers this fake trailer for Naruto, the movie:

Manga Entertainment premieres First Squad, a full-length story of Soviet teens fighting the Nazis in World War II. See it here. And they’ve got six episodes of Macross II, of which this is the first:

There are five more episodes, all of which you can watch RIGHT NOW at Manga Entertainment’s YouTube channel.

How about Secret Lab‘s Pat Lee, who’s drawn everything from Batman and Superman to Transformers and X-Men, drawing a concept warrior character in a time lapse video? Watch:

Alex Day has this video for Chameleon Circuit’s “Teenage Rebel”, which depicts the effect of Doctor Who on impressionable minds. Also, lots of tinfoil is involved:

Meg Turney has SourceFedNerd‘s Top 5 Arcade Games in Japan:

Funimation collects the most memorable moments from Dragon Ball Z:

Cartoon Central from Channel Frederator runs down some of their favorite cartoons appropriate for Geek Week:

From France, it’s a very special sweet sushi episode of Les Recettes de Loka. Bet you’ve never had sushi that involved crepes and cocoa before…:

And The Anime Zone reviews the anime movie Summer Wars

And in case you missed them, there’s also the debut of Grant Morrison and Graphic India’s 18 Days and a whiole buncha Doctor Who-related video goodness on hand. There’s more Geek Week to come, so keep it here at and don’t miss a thing….

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