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It’s Cinderella Vs. Belle In This Princess Rap Battle

It’s a fight as old as time. Scholars, historians, and little girls around the world have all spent plenty of time seeking an answer that has alluded them. Who is the best Disney Princess? Is it one of the “classic” princesses such as Snow White, Cinderella, or Aurora? Does the title belong to one of the “new school” princesses like Belle, Ariel, or Elsa?

Well, as only the internet can do, the answer is being decided by YouTuber Whitney Avalon through the dopest form of non-lethal combat: Rap Battles. Avalon has had a series of Princess Rap Battle videos going up on her YouTube channel since back in September. Her first battle between Snow White and Elsa went viral almost instantly, and we even covered it on the site.

Now, Avalon has released her newest video in the series. This time the subjects of the next two live-action Disney Princess films go head-to-head. Avalon takes on the role of Belle, and is joined by a familiar face to readers of the site. Taking on the role of the OG princess Cinderella is none other than Buffy star, Sarah Michelle Geller.

(Warning: The video is a little NSFW, so sadly the young fans of these princesses probably shouldn’t watch.)


Obviously the long, elegant, evening wear gloves are off in this confrontation. While Cinderella sits high on her throne of being one of the first Disney Princesses, it isn’t long before Belle is throwing her films’ Oscars in her face, and even drags Cinderella’s dead mother into the wave of insults.

So if I may borrow a phrase from another series of famous rap battles, WHO WON? WHO’S NEXT? Let us know in the comments below who you thought dropped bombs better. Or spam my twitter feed, @MattDelhauer, with the princess you vote for.

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    Pocahontas vs Mulan