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It Looks Like ONCE UPON A TIME Has Cast Cruella De Vil

Hide your dalmatians, everybody, because it seems as though Cruella De Vil is coming to Once Upon a Time. The fairy tale series may be covered in all things Frozen right now, but the Elsa and Anna storyline will be wrapped up by the end of the first half of the season. That leaves the door wide open for another villain to come into the picture, and the puppy-killer from 101 Dalmatians appears to be next in line. And to think, the world was such a wholesome place.


Dracula alum Victoria Smurfit will be playing Cruella De Vil. According to TVLine, Smurfit tweeted she’s “super excited about playing Cruella for such an iconic show as @OnceABC.” That thought has since been deleted. Entertainment Weekly had revealed that Smurfit was cast as an “iconic villain,” but they didn’t list the character. Oops. ABC hasn’t confirmed that Smurfit is indeed Cruella, but unless Smurfit’s tweet was part of a ruse, all signs point to the vicious foe. I’m already imagining what her costumes will look like!

If they stick with the animated film portrayal of Cruella, we’ll be in for a treat. She’s over the top, and that sort of evil translates well to Once Upon a Time. Based on what I saw of Smurfit in Dracula, she’s more than capable of owning that sort of role.

And we do know a couple of things about the iconic villain that is likely Cruella: she will be teased in the winter finale, and she’ll be a recurring character. At least one dalmatian puppy will be around if a fan report is true. Man, the “Cruella De Vil” song is already stuck in my head.

What do you think of this development? Share your thoughts in the comments!

HT: TV Guide

Images: Disney, NBC

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  1. I was only slightly annoyed when OUAT decided to make Mr. Gold an amalgamation of several fairy tale baddies (Rumplestiltskin, the Beast, the Crocodile) but the addition of Cruela De Vil is really bugging me. I don’t think arbitrarily assigning magical powers to well known non-magical characters is a good idea. Actually the whole Ursala-Maleficent-Cruela team seems to be more screen filler than storyline substance.

  2. Milord says:

    I was only slightly annoyed when OUAT decided to make Mr. Gold an amalgamation of several fairy tale baddies (Rumplestiltskin, the Beast, the Crocodile) but the addition of Cruela De Vil is really bugging me.  I don’t think arbitrarily assigning magical powers to well known non-magical characters is a good idea. Actually the whole Ursala-Maleficent-Cruela team seems to be more screen filler than storyline substance. 

  3. Brian says:

    Everyone needs to understand that ABC is owned by Disney. This series only has about 5 seasons and maybe more depending on ratings. And the seasons go by relatively quickly. I can’t believe we’re almost in the second half of season 4. Damn. But, because Adam and Ed have only about 5 years, they have to fit all potential Disney characters in – heroes and villains without feeling like they’re rushing the series. This show isn’t just restricted to fairytale characters. There are characters in Disney that have powers and others who don’t. BUT, Adam and Ed HAVE put MANY twists in Disney’s characters on their show along with their stories. So Cruella and Ursula will probably knock us out of the woods regardless of having powers or not.

  4. I hope they take this opportunity to put animal ethics and animal liberation on the agenda 🙂 <3

  5. Kiyomi says:

    I had no idea this show was back from break!!!! This is what I get for not watching basic TV channels anymore……….haha.
    Anywho, cruella is a cool character to introduce I just hope they don’t give her some magical powers or make her out to be more than what she truly is. Cruella is a HUMAN with NO magical powers……..if they warp her  into something else or try to make it realistically appear as if she could taken on Regina or something 1 on 1, I’m going to roll my eyes all the way back into my head and then turn the channel.“

  6. Ash says:

    I am so excited and very much over this Frozen stuff. If I hear “I have to find Anna” ONE more time!!!

  7. Sabrina Robledo says:

    Can’t wait to see her as Cruella but I gotta say i’m just as excited to see who they cast as her henchman Jasper and Horris 

  8. Popfor256 says:

    I think its great. Cruella will be a great addition. Also, why does it have to be just Disney fairy tales, expanding is great. I love the show and can’t wait each week. Love Hook and hope he stays a while.

  9. EvilZakkie says:

    I think people are missing the point of Cruella’s introduction – the next logical step in the show is “what happens when the outside world discovers what Storybrooke is?”.

    And Cruella is the perfect face for that story – a modern villian means that she can be introduced from the modern world (no need for an enchanted forest connection), and she runs a corporation that might have all sorts of plans for the denizens of the town.

    She might also abduct Archies dog at some point, but I doubt that will be the focus of her story arc…

    • punkPiper says:

      Ppl like you are Why the dark Knight movies are abominations. Don’t change history. Once hasn’t done that yet so I. Doubt they will go with your lame idea. It’s about the fairy-tale. Not the outside world.

    • Ash says:

      Great observation, I didn’t think about the fact that she’s not from the hundreds of years ago past!

    • Kiyomi says:

      And that will be when the show begins to tank. The thing that most fans who have been around from the start like about this show is that it’s all fantasy characters from books and movies we’re familiar with. If they start adding in normal people who have no fairytale or Disney connection it’s going to lose viewers. But at this point that’s a given anyway, it’s been on TV for a while now so it wouldn’t be a shocker to only see one or two more seasons. I look forward to Cruella but I hope they don’t give her BS magical powers or some connection to magic. Curella is human and has no magical powers, period, and they shouldn’t mess with that.

  10. bjm012 says:

    I have yet to see a better live action portrayal of Cruella than the one done by Glen Close. I love Once, and I think their casting has been done well so far, so I’ll give whomever they choose a chance.

  11. Willis says:

    you mean “King Midas” not minus.

  12. Viersell says:

    FYI Peter Pan is based on a real Fairy tale just saying.

  13. Shugo says:

    cruella SHOULD be in the show because POGO is already in it, theyve teased it since the beginning!

  14. Come2UFO says:

    King Minus? AHAHAH Did you mean Midas?

  15. Ben K says:

    Considering what they did with Bo-Peep, I can easily see Cruella calling people her “dogs”, and doing all sorts of freaky stuff on the show.

  16. Willis says:

    lol I don’t think it’s up to you.

  17. Willis says:

    I find that hard to believe, I’m sure employees of the show have to sign some kind of disclosure or terms of agreement regarding social media and discussion of the show. I doubt they’d want you engaging in conversation about it on a tabloid.

  18. Farey says:

    Meleficiant is supposedly dead. Emma skinned her in season one… Or two… In a finale episode.

  19. Ben K says:

    If they do what they did with Bo-Peep to Cruella, she actually could be an interesting main villain.

  20. Sandra says:

    That is just what I’ve heard and hey with OUaT, anything can happen. I don’t remember Emma skinning Maleficent. She “slayed” Maleficent when she threw her sword at her end of season 1. But even after that she was back as some spirit thing (still under the library) attacking Hook in season 2. So knowing that, it’s definitely possible for her to be back in season 4.

  21. SuperNerd says:

    Sorry that comment was posted with my phone. My phone likes to change things on me and I dont always nottice until after its posted. Thank you for correcting it. Trust me that stuff is annoying to me as well.

  22. Ben K says:

    You do realize that Darth Vader wasn’t actually a villain, right?

  23. Chelsea says:

    Almost all of the Disney classics were based off of some form of literature. They had very few actual original ideas made into movies.

  24. SO over Elsa and Anna!

  25. TheLizardKing says:

    So… was there a single part of my post that you didn’t misunderstand?