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Is Now the Perfect Time for an All-Female GHOSTBUSTERS?

It’s official, folks: we are definitely getting a new Ghostbusters film, and it’s coming from the team behind The Heat: Paul Feig and Katie Dippold! But that’s not all we know…

Join Jessica Chobot on today’s Nerdist News as she dives into what else we’ve heard about the next Ghostbusters movie. Will it be funny? Will it be scary? Will any familiar faces show up? Is this a sequel? A prequel? A reboot? A remake? And most importantly – why is now the perfect time to bring the word an all-female Ghostbusters? Find out on today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching today’s show, come on back tomorrow for Nerdist News WTFridays, and let us know in the comments below who you’d put on your all-female Ghostbusters team!

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  1. Brad says:

    Instead of proton packs, and trapsthe new cast will, relentlessly, bitch at the ghosts until they voluntarily disperse.

  2. Cleeps says:

    There should be no reboots or remakes of Ghostbusters, PERIOD. Whether the cast is all-male, all-female, mixed gender – NO. No no no no NO. It’s not a film that needs to be revisited in any way – it’s perfect as is, and there doesn’t need to be anymore of them. Especially from an unfunny hack like Paul Feig, a man who has no clue what is funny and what isn’t. Bridesmaids and The Heat were awful, and now he’s going to s**t all over Ghostbusters. Just terrible.

  3. Henrik says:

    Olivia Coleman would be a brilliant Ghostbuster.

  4. I smell unfunny/cutesy box office flop.

  5. Arrowhead says:

    Love how the ghost in the background reacted when you ate the donut…lol

  6. Charlie Cooper says:

    Great list of talented women.  I’d add Lizzy Caplan and Kristen Bell to the mix.  Plus, Martin Starr should be their administrative assistant.

  7. evanbdup says:

    Jessica Chobot is just an absolute babe

  8. fuckyounerdist says:


  9. Anthony W says:

    All girls Ghostbusters team?  All kitchens will be safe from ghosts.

  10. Matt Crouch says:

    “Reboot” is the worst idea.  Having an all female cast easily allows you to move on with new stories without ignoring the past. In fact, having cameos from old Characters to connect the “universe” seems like an easy, smart idea too. Let’s just ignore one of the biggest movies ever.

    • Evan Bagwell says:

      That was the original plan, but saying as Harold Ramis died and Bill Murray wants no part of another Ghostbusters film all while the fans have been waiting for another film, they really have no other choice without it feeling disrespectful to both the original movies and the fans of the franchise.

  11. PaladinPool619 says:

    My only problem is the reboot thing. Why not just have it be a sequel? Unless I am misunderstanding the word reboot. I mean a modern day sequel with a whole new team with some brief appearances by the 1 or 2 of the original ‘busters would work just fine, IMO. 

  12. Lauren says:

    I can’t stop crying. This is the worst news ever.  =(

    • Jack says:

      “worst news ever”? With all the garbage going on in this world, it would be nice if this was the worst news ever…

  13. kerrell says:

    Not sure how I feel about this but I’m willing to keep an open mind.Hey Chobusters how bout you go bust the ghost trying to hide behind the chair. Don’t you guys realize you studio is haunted?

  14. Shayde says:

    What retard put lindsay lohan on the picture? Ewwww

  15. Con says:

    If they’re all women…who’s going to drive the car and pick up heavy objects?