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iPhone 7 Mockup Reveals Big Changes Including (Gasp!) No Headphone Jack!

Unbox Therapy, the YouTube channel with five million subscribers and a penchant for helping products get “naked,” has gotten their hands on an iPhone 7 mockup that’s likely to be identical to the real phone that’s (probably) going to be released on September 16th. And, to paraphrase the timeless words of a Mr. Ray Arnold from Jurassic Park, “hold onto your [cans],” ’cause this phone doesn’t have a headphone jack, Jack.

The Unbox Therapy video, which comes via Forbes, showcases an iPhone 7 mockup created by BeSound, a Chinese manufacturer of canceling Lightning Connector headphones. It looks exactly like the outgoing iPhone 6s, but the devil—and the reason to shell out hundreds of dollars—is in the details.

If the mockup is accurate, the iPhone 7 (which may be called the “plus” or the “pro”) will offer several big changes, including a switch from a single-lens camera to a dual-lens camera. This is stellar news for shutterbugs because a dual-lens system will likely mean that the phone’s camera will have one wide-angle lens and one lens for magnified zoom. This would mean no more relying on digital zoom for objects at different distances, and improved low-light performance.


Lew, the Unbox Therapy host, also points out that iPhone 7 will “get a little bit spicy” toward its bottom, where “docking contact points,” as he refers to them, may mean a hook-up for a myriad of cool gadgets like camera attachments or keyboards, or maybe even wireless charging.


And, of course, the pièce de résistance—or rather the lack of a pièce de résistance—no headphone jack. And if you’re asking yourself why this is such a big deal, here’s why: not only would a lack of a headphone jack mean a shift toward ubiquitous wireless headphones as well as making those expensive cans you just bought that do plug in through a jack totally moot, it may also mean Apple further pushing out third-party hardware developers in favor of its own proprietary tech. According to Digital Trends, Apple may already have wireless headphones dubbed “Airpods” in the works.


And finally, there’s that beautiful blue color, which, it’s been rumored, will sadly not be an option—we’ll probably be getting a dark gray instead.

What do you think about this iPhone 7 mockup? Are you ready to go wireless? Are you doubly excited for a dual-lens camera? Is the probable lack of a blue color option leaving you… blue? Let us know in the comments below!

Images: YouTube/Unbox Therapy

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