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Introducing the Nerdist Merch Store!

Day in and day out, it’s there: that tantalizing “Coming Soon” sign plastered over the Nerdist Store on the top of your screen. Each morning you dash to your computer, certain that today’s the day for your shopping salvation. You’ve been waiting patiently, biding your time, and now, the moment you’ve been waiting for is finally here.

That’s right, boys and girls. All those months of praying to the internet gods has finally paid off. The Nerdist merch store is officially open for business, and we’ve got a wide array of awesomely geeky threads ready for purchase! A bunch of your favorite Nerdist folks stopped by to pick up some loot, including Nerdist News‘ Jessica Chobot, Nerdist: Play‘s Malik Forte, The Dan Cave‘s Dan Casey, Because Science‘s Kyle Hill, Editor-in-Chief Brian Walton, and yours truly. We also brandished some sci-fi weapons because, you know, sometimes Nerdist HQ needs protecting.

The store features all kinds of apparel, accessories, and other fun goodies. From two Nerdist-themed t-shirts, a beaker coffee mug, handmade Nerdist metal pins, the one-of-a-kind Ultimate Convention Hoodie (modeled by the one and only Chris Hardwick), and even a limited edition Halloween shirt, there’s something for everyone here. Prices range from $12-$65, and you can find full details about shipping, returns, and other logistics at the official store.

Which items will you be picking up? Let us know in the comments below or on twitter!

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  1. SwanGore says:

    Just checking the shipping cost to my postal code to Toronto, Canada. International Shipping at $ 4.58 USD (seems reasonable)… UPS Worldwide Expedited at $ 123.80 USD …uhh… whaaa?

  2. Gaby Abed says:

    Yay…but, umm, XXL only? No love for us big guys?

  3. Carolyn says:

    These are all good, but…unisex sizing isn’t unisex; it’s male-based.  And I know you know there are a lot of female nerds out there. You know why Her Universe is so necessary. So. Please, some sizes cut for as many body types as possible.

  4. DiHard11 says:

    Is it possible to get a size chart?

  5. Vince says:

    no shirts for fat nerd?

  6. Vincent_S says:

    Your website is racist! It doesn’t have an Australian Dollar conversion!!!! :P. O_O I must have hoodie, only to experiment with it.

  7. Eric says:

    Just wanted to say, this is a great starting point for this store. Excited to see when new stuff is added. Bought a coffee mug and will sip my Saturday morning coffee from a boss beaker!

  8. roundrobin says:

    well, i mean now I want to design some Nerdist t-shirts! 

  9. No Dan Cave Tshirts? Chobot, I love ya, but gimme that Dan Cave Merch!

  10. Nick L says:

    how about just a t shirt with the logo on it and no text?

  11. JetpackBlues says:

    Fan submission contest.

  12. Angele says:

    Will there be fitted women’s shirts added at some point? 

  13. tony h says:

    I’d like to see a bumper sticker or glass decal!