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Inked Wednesday #70 – C-3PO, JAWS, and More

It might be a new year, but we’re all about traditions. In this case, tradition means continuing to show off all of your beautiful, nerdy tattoos every week in Inked Wednesday. Reader submissions continue to roll in, and I’m regularly surprised by the variety and even the differences to be found in tattoos of the same symbol or character.

As we dive into 2016, you might be considering a tattoo. It’s a time to evaluate and make adjustments after all. And sure, getting permanent art added to your skin can be considered an “adjustment.” If the move is on your radar but you’re not sure where to begin or how to find an artist, start talking to your friends. People who have tattoos are often eager to help newbies with advice about artists, the tattooing and healing process, and everything in between. You can and should research on the Internet, too, but there’s nothing quite like hearing the ins and outs from someone you trust.

If you need inspiration, look through this week’s Inked Wednesday gallery and our past installments. This time around we have tattoos from Star Wars, Jaws, and more.

C-3PO (Star Wars) | Source: Dan Warner, inked by Jeremiah J at Red Anchor Tattoos

Have any geeky tattoos or are you a tattoo artist? I’d love to see your ink and keep it in a queue to feature in a future edition of Inked Wednesday. It’s easy to get submissions to me. You can leave a link to photos in the comments, tag or mention me on Instagram, or send a picture to me on Twitter. Be sure to let me know the tattoo artist information if you have it and send the highest-res picture possible. If you’re sharing your image via Instagram, remember I won’t be able to see it if your account is private.

And I have another question: Do any of you have resolutions to get tattoos in 2016? Head to the comments and tell me what you’re thinking about.


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