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Inked Wednesday #7

I’ve been looking at a lot of tattoos every week for Inked Wednesday, and I’ve been noticing trends in submissions from readers. Doctor Who and Star Wars seem to be the most popular fandoms represented and of those franchises, I see TARDISes and Darth Vader or Stormtroopers the most. I’m firmly team light side, but I can’t deny noticing love for the Empire. Because I occasionally like numbers, maybe I’ll analyze all the geeky tattoos I see in the next couple of months and make a chart. Maybe someone will then get that chart tattooed on them. Too far?

While I start planning the most artistic way to make a graph, you should take a look at all the beautiful ink in this week’s round-up. There’s an incredible portrait of Indiana Jones, a colorful Game Boy Pocket, and many more.


Pikachu (Pokémon) | Source: Cory

As always, don’t forget to share photos of your geeky tattoos with me in the comments or over on Twitter.

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  1. Poiuyt says:

    Pikachu + water = win!

  2. Brett says:

    Is the surfboard that Pikachu on have the symbol of the Deathly Hallows from Harry Potter on it?