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Inked Wednesday #5

I got my first tattoo the day after I turned 18. Yes, I was one of those kids. And it wasn’t even rebellious. My parents didn’t care about ink; they were far more concerned that I’d crossed the wrong side of the tracks when I got my belly button pierced a few months later. Anyway, my first ink is what I call my “pretty” tattoo. I didn’t have a specific idea in mind, I just walked into the shop and picked a chain of purple flowers to go around my ankle. Fortunately I still love it, but I got much more selective about my next five tattoos. My geeky ones? A blue crescent moon from The Mists of Avalon by Marion Zimmer Bradley, a red Rebel Alliance symbol, “Allons-y” in TARDIS blue, and a Disneyland design.

They all represent stories I love, and so many of you have chosen to express your fandom through tattoos that I can’t help but smile hugely when I round them up into a gorgeous gallery for Inked Wednesday each week. This week has the coolest Supernatural tattoo design I’ve seen, the Endless, a Nerdist Podcast burrito, and several more:

iw5 - Supernatural

Supernatural | Source: Susanne Silvius, inked by Jason Anthony at Golden Rule Tattoo

Have some nerdy ink you’d like to share? Leave a link to a photo in the comments or send it to me on Twitter.

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  1. Bree says:

    I have a pretty rad tattoo covering my foot of an alien in an ufo.

    Artist was Joshua Goor from St. Louis, and works at Thunderdome Tattoo. His instagram and facebook is at “creepmeout”

  2. slz says:

    my Harry Potter tats! Chapter stars behind each ear, Mischief Managed on left foot. All done at Red Rocket Tattoo in NYC

  3. The Borderlands piece was done by Dennis Sullivan, Clarksville, Tennessee.

  4. celvindebie says:

    Love to see that my Joker tattoo is on the almighty Nerdist page! The artist is Gerrit Bekman from Painted Flesh Tattoo in Holland! He is amazing and does amazing work!!!

  5. Chris says:

    Love the Majora’s Mask ink!  I want something from Zelda soon.  Here’s some pics of my Waking Dead inspired ink.

  6. grim says:

    Yay, you guys took away the slideshow feature. We hate convenience.

    Does sarcasm translate on the webs? Did I have to point out what I said was sarcasm? Well, just in case it’s unclear, what I said above was meant sarcastically.

  7. Jason Morgan says:

    My Optimus Prime made NERDIST!Points!!!!!!!

  8. Stan says:

    Best Polaroid ever.

  9. Tharbiskahn says:

    I love the Power Rangers… guess which one was my favorite.

  10. Betsy butler says:

    I do a lot of nerdy tattoos but this one is my most recent! Check out the rest of my Instagram for more!! Thanks for looking!!

  11. Danny says:

    Thanks for posting my Lord Vader 😛 if anyone likes the Darth Vader, check out Rico Dionichi on Facebook or on instagram; @dionichi He does awesome work.