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Inked Wednesday #14 – The Force Awakens, Harry Potter, Batman & More

So many tattoos in this week’s Inked Wednesday make me happy. Once you start looking at fandom-inspired ink on a regular basis, you’ll quickly learn that there are others who have the same tastes as you. Like Hello Kitty and Kingdom Hearts? Someone has that tattoo, and it’s in the gallery below. Or like Figment from the Journey Into Imagination Epcot attraction and Sorcerer Mickey? Yep, that tattoo exists and I clapped when I saw it.

Besides those fantastically specific tattoos, we’ve also got what could be the first tattoo from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Take a look:


Soccer ball droid (Star Wars: The Force Awakens) | Source: Jordan Breckon, inked by Tyler Nealeigh

Have any nerdy tattoos of your own? Share links in the comments or send photos to me on Twitter. Include the tattoo artist information if you can.

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  1. Jesus Cantu says:

    Got it done recently! STAR WARS! Done by Brian Garza at S.A. TX Undisputed Tattoos

  2. MIke says:

    My Kratos tattoo was done by Omri Amar from Steel n’ Ink in Collingwood, ON Canada. 

  3. Jarrod Lowe says:

    Episode7 Spoiler: Soccer Ball Droid eats Bantha poop, rapes R2-D2, and then kills Chewbacca in a tragic delousing accident.

  4. bret says:

    Here is my Firefly Class ship tattoo on my arm!

  5. Hey Nerdist! Thanks for the repost!! I’m Tyler Nealeigh. I am the artist who tattooed the soccer ball droid from the force awakens. Just want to say it was a blast and thanks to everyone for the positive feedback! We never thought it would take off this much and I am very honored!! Let’s keep the phenomenon alive! Thanks again!! Instagram: tyler480 

  6. morestacy says:

    Wow, now I really hope the movie doesn’t suck!

    • grim says:

      Right?! That tat’s a huge gamble. What if soccer ball droid is the next Jar Jar? I’m sure there’s someone out there with a Jar Jar sleeve who wears nothing but long sleeve shirts during July.