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Inked Wednesday #1

The long list of things we like here at Nerdist includes art, ink, and enthusiasm. So, it only makes sense that we would take some time each week to showcase tattoos focused on science, pop culture, literature and more. Meet Inked Wednesday!

Our Inked Wednesday gallery round-up will feature ten examples of geeky tattoos gathered from around the web. As a person with a few fandom-inspired tattoos, I appreciate when anyone is dedicated and passionate enough about a topic to express their feelings with permanent ink. This week’s gallery includes Disney love, a nod to Captain Marvel, Twin Peaks, and more.

Star Wars

Star Wars | Source:, inked by Eric Chapman at Danbury Tattoo

Whenever I spot someone with a Disney, Star Wars, or a Marvel tattoo, I get excited. At a party, it can be the difference between engaging in conversation with someone or standing in the corner with my phone. Tattoos are an open door into conversation, and if you want to experience that virtually, check out the GeeksterInk app for iOS devices. It’s a social network by geeks for geeks and features lots of tattoos in addition to photos from conventions, fan art, and more.

Have a geek-flavored tattoo? Feel free to share it with me over at Twitter or here in the comments. Go ahead and include the tattoo artist and shop information if you have it.

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  1. rafalevelsup says:

    Here you go and

  2. Terry Payne says:

    Samurai Storm Trooper, Artist Anthony Maxx, Noregrets Memphis, TN

  3. thematty3 says:

    a picture link would help

  4. thematty3 says:

    My 8bit Ninja turtles by Sean Cox at Dutchman Tattoos in Vancouver

  5. Im a huge hellboy nerd! This is my entire right side of my thigh.

  6. Chris says:

    Here was the album I started for my Calvin and Hobbes piece (man boob warning). I was going to get the color done but had other priorities for my money and haven’t gotten the chance to get it finished. It was done by MIke Haley (@mikehtattoos on Instagram) at Warlocks Tattoo in Raleigh, NC.