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INFINI-T FORCE Preview Looks Like the Avengers of Anime

Later this month, Tatsunoko Production will celebrate its 55th anniversary as one of Japan’s leading animation companies. For decades, Tatsunoko has brought many of its series to America, including Speed Racer, Gatchaman, Space Knight Tekkaman, and several others. Tatsunoko’s newest series, Infini-T Force brings together a few of the company’s most well-known characters into a single story. And as you can see in the new preview clip, there’s almost an Avengers vibe as the heroes come together.

Via io9, Viz Media announced that it will stream episodes of Infini-T Force every week, and the first two episodes are posted now. Infini-T Force is loosely based upon the manga series of the same name by by Ukyou Kodachi and artist Tatsuma Ejiri. The animated series is taking some liberties with the original story, but the core concept is the same. A young high school student named Emi Kaido has come into possession of a seemingly magical pencil that can affect reality. When confronted by dark forces, Emi inadvertently calls four iconic Tatsunoko heroes from across time and space to stand by her side.

Casual fans may not be familiar with these heroic characters, which means that a quick primer is in order.

Ken the Eagle

Ken the Eagle was the leader of a five-member superhero group in the early ’70s anime series Science Ninja Team Gatchaman. However, Ken was renamed Marl for the American version, which was called both G-Force and Battle of the Planets.


The star of another ’70s era anime series, Tekkaman: The Space Knight. He defended humanity in space during their perilous quest to find a new planet to live on.


In Neo-Human Casshern, Tetsuya Azuma was the son of the man who invented androids to serve humanity. However, when his father’s creations went rogue, Tetsuya turned himself into an android to become the world’s greatest robot righter.


Finally, the star of Hurricane Polymar was Takeshi Yoroi, a member of the International Secret Police Agency who was forced out by his mentor. But Takeshi didn’t let that stop his crusade against evil, and he eventually gained an advanced costume that allowed him to become the crime fighter known as Polimar.

The first two episodes of Infini-T Force will stream tomorrow, October 4, on Viz Media.

Are you excited to see these disparate anime heroes join forces? Let’s discuss in the comment section below!

Images: Tatsunoko Production 

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