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As former President Whitmore always knew, “They’re coming back.” Now while he may have been somberly talking about the planet destroying aliens that attacked us twenty years ago in the movie Independence Day, their return also means we will all be getting new Funko POP! figures to add to our collection.

Funko announced new figures in their POP! Movie series, featuring three characters from the upcoming sequel, Independence Day: Resurgence. The new figures include Jeff Goldblum‘s returning David Levinson, who is a little grayer than the last time we saw him, an armed and very unhappy looking alien warrior, and the newest hero to join in the fight to save the planet, Liam Hemsworth‘s goatee-clad Jake Morrison, “a U.S. pilot serving for the Earth Space Defense, teams up with scientist David Levinson to stop the aliens once and for all!”

You know what, David Levinson is pretty stylish for a scientist that has spent twenty years solely focused on trying to prepare the world for another mass invasion. Also, Pop! Jake Morrison looks like Jeremy Renner.

Funko also announced a new addition to their Pop! TV series, Lady Gaga‘s The Countess from American Horror Story. They went with her red ballgown, single silver glove, slight remnant of blood on her lip look. And, with a bit of fitting humor, they say the figure’s release is “fashionably later than the rest!”

lady-gaga-the-countess-american-horror-story-pop-funkoAll four figures will be available this summer, sometime in July, however Independence Day: Resurgence hits theaters on June 24th, just in time for…gah, what’s the holiday that’s like right around then?

Anyway, which one of these is your favorites? Pop! into our comments section to tell us yours.

What would the Independence Day: Resurgence cast do in an alien invasion.

Images: Funko

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