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In The Name Of The Moon, Sailor Scouts Assemble! SAILOR MOON-AVENGERS Mash-Up

As if you weren’t excited already for the return of our favorite planetary guardians, artist Jei Shepard has fused our out-of-this-world guardians, the Sailor Scouts, with comic book champions The Avengers.

If you’re feeling confused about the merger at hand, you’ll soon understand why the combination Shepard has created work just as well as Usagi and Maroru (or Serena and Darien for those familiar with the English version of the Sailor Moon animation).

Check ‘em out below:

Sailor Moon as Captain America
Captain Moon

There’s no denying that Sailor Moon stands up for what she believes in which is why Shepard suited her up in this Captain America-inspired uniform.

I suppose this means the Champion of Justice’s new battle cry will be “In the name of the Moon and ‘Merica!, I will punish you!”

Sailor Mercury as Iron Man
Iron Mercury

This one’s pretty obvious as the smartest of the Scouts, Sailor Mercury, should be the one to step into Iron Man’s shoes. The iconic red suit has been repainted blue to match Mercury’s hair color.

Sailor Mars as Hawkeye
Mars Hawk

This one might stump you a bit. While Hawkeye doesn’t exactly harness the power of fire, he does sport a mighty fine bow. Likewise, Sailor Mars can call in her Mars Arrow and pierce through the foes of the Moon Kingdom.

Sailor Jupiter as Thor

The God that has control over lightning, Thor, is a perfect match for Sailor Jupiter as she, herself, channels the power of lightning in her attacks.

Sailor Venus as Black Widow
Venus Widow

As the only leading lady in The Avengers, Black Widow brings about a femininity that’s much needed in a pool of testosterone. And with that said, as the girliest of the inner-Scouts, Sailor Venus works well in Widow’s suit as she grasps her Venus love chains.

It’s only a matter of time now before we see Tuxedo Mask sporting Nick Fury’s eye patch, but if you’re eager to see more mash ups from Jei Shepard, including a work-in-progress Sailor Chibi Moon as The Winter Soldier, check out her Tumblr.

HT: Geek Tyrant

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  1. Mrshoujo says:

    This is a bad idea gone worse. It threatens to successfully divide by Zero and create a singularity that will suck the entire planet through it due to this horrible clash of cultures. Do us all a favor – GIF is pronounced “JIFF” and don’t do this again. Erase all signs this was even attempted.