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Imagined Movie Sequel Posters Have Us Dreaming

Movie sequels are pretty much all we get from Hollywood these days, right? And for all that we complain about how freaking many things are trilogies, series and the like, there are a number of classic movies that would have you adding this GIF to each and every single morsel of gossip that comes out of the internet:

Well, the gallery below is not – we repeat NOT – gossip of pending sequels to some of those very popular cult classic movies. These are part of iam8bit‘s new show “Sequels,” an appreciation of all the magical possibilities that exist in the world that have never (and probably will never) been made. From movies with the word “Labyrinth” in the title to clubs you can’t talk about to amazing wordplay with totalitarian social media, we freaked out with high pitch squeals when we saw these.

Do you think Big Brother is a Facebook user? Or Tumblr? Would Jennifer Connelly be as epically gorgeous in Rocketeer AND Labyrinth 2? What is the 2nd rule of Fight Club? We’d line up around the block for a return of Spaceballs and another Blade Runner if only to see how special effects make or break these sequels. Now, where are the fan trailers for these fictional sequels? Maybe they will hit YouTube soon and we’ll have the chance to squee with excitement over rumors. These potential sequels have us completely atwitter at all the possibilities.

iam8bit’s new show runs November 13 –  November 23, with an opening party from 7 – 11 pm. Prints will be available to purchase online on November 14.

What classic sequel do you think is missing in this gallery? Tell us in the comments below!

HT Reddit, ComingSoon

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  1. Craig says:

    Saw this shared on fb. Glad to see people in the comments, both here and over there, recognizing the artists haven’t been credited. I like articles like this, but it hurts to see such sloppy work in terms of research.

  2. Gregor says:

    Isn’t it official that the Bladerunner sequel is an actual, green lit project? I even heard Ridley Scott was at the helm. Hmmm.

  3. Kelly says:

    Hey Rachel Berkley and Nerdist: why is it so hard to credit the artists that made these pieces? 

    – Sincerely, an artist whose work is posted often without credit.