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IKEA Gives the People What They Want: Pet Furniture

Let’s say — and this is strictly hypothetical, and in no way reflective of real life — that your cat can’t get enough of the KALLAX in the corner of your living room and often inserts herself in the convenient cubby holes that should be holding your Funko collection or the coffee table books that didn’t fit on the LACK. Or maybe your pupper is desperate to get a spot on that KARLSTAD even though he’s fully aware he’ll get his claws stuck in the stitching.

Fear not, pet lover: IKEA’s got you covered with the rollout of their LURVIG line.

The first IKEA furniture line designed with furry friends in mind boasts a range of beds and cushions perfectly sized for nearly any dog or cat breed (though the cushion may be a bit of a squeeze for a Newfoundland). And LURVIG isn’t limited to furniture. Need a new slow feeder, litter pan, scratch mat, or pet carrier, preferably in a calming shade of green? The line has you covered, almost as though IKEA’s master plan involves you never stepping foot in a Petsmart again.

Perhaps most delightfully, IKEA — fully aware of a feline’s penchant for hopping into the shelves of a KALLAX — designed a sleeping spot that slides directly into the shelving unit so Mittens won’t be so intent on knocking aside your ever-so-delicate Metal Earth model of the Enterprise D.

Because it’s IKEA and you’re already shaking a stack of dollar bills in the general direction of the nearest superstore, the prices are wallet-friendly, never totaling more than $59.99 (for the “cat/dog bed,” because IKEA wouldn’t want to discriminate or alienate those ride-or-die animal loyalists). And look, I’m not saying Fido needs a pet bed that would fit three more of him if necessary.

But doesn’t he?

Which piece do you have your eye on? Let us know in the comments!

Images: IKEA

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