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If You Gaze Into the Abyss, PADDINGTON Gazes Back in a New Poster

This Christmas, terror is spelled P-A-D-D-I-N-G-T-O-N. While the beloved children’s book character’s feature film debut isn’t meant to be a taxidermy-filled horror-thriller that will have you cowering well into the New Year, everything about director Paul King’s Paddington has been nothing short of unnerving thus far. Perhaps the duffle coat-clad bear from, what Wikipedia terms, “deepest darkest Peru” is simply looking to have fun-filled vacation in the UK and scratch his Anglophile itch. I mean, where better to get your fill of marmalade than London, a city in which I’m fairly certain they have all manner of jams, jellies, and fruit preserves on tap? Or perhaps he’s up to something far more dangerous. Take a look at the brand new poster and decide for yourself.

What happened to the mail carrier? Where is his body? Can bears taste the difference between orange marmalade and human blood? These are just a few of the questions raised by this poster. Meanwhile, this first look at Nicole Kidman as evil taxidermist Millicent is somehow less frightening than what is supposed to be a lovable animated bear playfully peeking out of a mailbag.


While the film’s trailer makes it look relatively innocuous (unless you’re Hugh Bonneville’s bathroom fixtures), this look at Nicole Kidman has me a little bit excited. When she puts her mind to it, she can cut a truly imposing, villainous swath across the screen, and from the looks of that picture, she has no problem dispatching a pair of elite security guards.

Here’s the official synopsis:

From the beloved novels by Michael Bond and producer David Heyman (HARRY POTTER), PADDINGTON tells the story of the comic misadventures of a young Peruvian bear (voiced by Ben Whishaw) who travels to the city in search of a home. Finding himself lost and alone, he begins to realize that city life is not all he had imagined – until he meets the kindly Brown family who read the label around his neck that says “Please look after this bear. Thank you,” and offer him a temporary haven. It looks as though his luck has changed until this rarest of bears catches the eye of a museum taxidermist.

Paddington hits theaters on December 25, 2014. Are you going to see it? Let us know in the comments below.

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  1. Henrik says:

    And Peter Capaldi as Mr. Curry – the grumpy neighbour.  I wonder who is replacing Colin Firth?

  2. The Doctor says:

    Colin Firth is Paddington, Hugh Bonneville is the lead role

  3. The Doctor says:

    Colin Firth is the bear. Hugh Bonneville is the male lead.