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If Marvel Gets Spider-Man, Andrew Garfield is Out

All week, we’ve been tracking a major story concerning New York’s #1 webslinger, Spider-Man. Following a massive cyber attack on Sony Pictures, emails began appearing indicating Marvel and Sony went to the negotiating table earlier this year to work out a plan that would see the character make his debut in the MCU via Captain America: Civil War. However, when Sony realized the deal Marvel wanted would include a loss of creative control, the studio walked away from the talks… that was until the hack, which made Sony Japan (the parent company of Sony Pictures) aware of the situation and not very happy.

Now with Sony, reportedly, being told to get back in it with Disney and Marvel, new details have come to light from Latino-Review as to what Marvel plans to do with the property should it get a hold of it

1) Andrew Garfield will be replaced as Peter Parker, and all existing stories will be wiped clean.

2) Marvel will skip an origin story and start their version of Spidey as one that sees Peter already leading a double life

3) The MCU version would put far less focus on the romance angle of Spider-Man as the idea’s already been played out in five other films.

4) An appearance in Civil War is still possible, but as the script is just about finished for the film, the clock is ticking.

As of now, Sony still has complete control over the Spider-Man franchise, and everything the studio plans to do with the property (namely spin-off films such as Sinister Six) are still a go. But, given the financial state of both Sony and the franchise, the studio may be running about of leveraging power, especially following the highly disappointing box office gross of The Amazing Spider-Man 2.

How do you think Marvel should handle an acquisition of Spider-Man for the MCU? Let us know in the comments below.


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  1. OneManWolfPack says:

    SONY should try to keep Garfield as Spider Man. This is the same sort of thing that sucks about Iron Man 2  (replacing Howard), The Incredible Hulk (replacing Norton and the Hulk with Garafalo and a weird-angry-plumber version of Hulk), and now switching Spider-Man. Fans like consistency, ask Robert Downey Jr. If anything, they should let go of those farty sinister six villain movies, and focus on trying to make Spider-Man as cool and interesting to watch as Captain America. 

  2. Brad says:

    You guy should keep the same actor .there no reason for start over a new spider man again . Everybody is talking but it is not good to start over .. I like the actor you have him play the part. From the first he was awesome and the 2 movie even better. I sorry but I you letting the fan down…. you guy should have him do the spider man .. he better actor in spiderman ….

  3. John Tusset Jr says:

    Spiderman  should  have crossed over. With putting it off as long as they crossing him and the ex men over into the marvel universe will b tricky. Getting rid of the current spiderman is. Mistake. I didnt like him at first, but he seems to have the role down cold. Spiderman should b at the forefront of every marvel movie made. Start with avengers, then may  an appearance  in x men. The sky is the limit with spidey, he played a significannt role in the comic books of civil war.He is. Leading character in Marvel and should b in more films. 

  4. spidy_fan_1* says:

    dont care who owns spiderman ….just wanna say that Andrew Garfield fits the spidy character perfectly ……or if marvels adding spidy to avengers movie..they shouldn’t replace andrew with someone else……thats it 😛

  5. spidy_fan_1* says:

    just wanna say that i dont care who owns spider man ….but andrew garfield fits the spidy character perfectly  …..if marval is going to add spidy in avengers or whatever…they should not replace andrew with someone else …..

  6. Daniel says:

    Wouldhate to see Andrew go but if that is what it takes to get Spidey home so be it

  7. Brook says:

    Andrew Garfield made an Amazing Spider Man. (no pun intended) I would be happy for marvel to take control but if Andrew is out so am I.

  8. Teresa Bittinger says:

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  9. Gustavo Velez says:

    Grant Gustin kinda looks like a Peter Parker but since he’s busy being Flash, I guess he’s off the hook. Who else can Peter Parker be? I love Garfield as Spidey so I understand if you’ll say he’s THE only Peter Parker.

  10. Thomas says:

    I wouldn’t trust a thing the Latino Review says. Especially if they are the only ones reporting it.

  11. Johnny says:

    My only problem with this is that Andrew Garfield is the perfect Spider-Man. It’s not his fault if people didn’t like the movie. But yeah, they spent way too much money on advertising. Why? It’s free to post trailers on Youtube!

  12. Guest says:

    They spent $200 million making that movie?  Good effin’ lord. I didn’t think it was that good to begin with, but now…..

  13. Tobey Mcguires ghost says:

    This current reboot of spidey with this actor pretty much stinks. reboot it again 

  14. armywolf says:

    honestly they should fix it to the comics. otherwise constantly switching the spiderman actors is stupid.

  15. Harrison says:

    Why don’t they get rid of Peter Parker and bring in miles morals and let miles find out what happened to Peter and miles finds venom. And venom could have killed Peter 

  16. Myrz says:

    Danny Glover. Yes please. 

  17. James Hazy says:

    The only thing I like about this is that if there is a reboot, we won’t have to watch Uncle Ben die again. (Please don’t make us live through that again.)
    The entire market is overly saturated with SuperHero films (Marvel especially) and it needs to cool off. Hollywood is hyper on it. Someone has to lose, so last year it was Spiderman. 
    This won’t end until studios quit banking on special effects and insist on, possibly demand, a good storyline & script. It would benefit them GREATLY to involve the diehard fans of the characters while developing the stories for each film.

  18. ericmci says:

    Why would Sony want to give up creative control?  Is it a smart business move – branding wise for them to say We can’t make something good – here you try.   I think Sony has to invest in talent- directors-producers- writers who can make a quality engaging film.  The Marvel method is entertaining but let’s face it- it’s a bit lacking in depth overall in favor of cohesion. (First Iron Man and Winter Solider aside)I enjoy the films but this is Sony’s chance to brand themselves as a maverick and a leader.  Giving up control would be a mistake- Sony in general as a brand needs to stand out again and take a lead.

  19. DuffMcD says:

    Probably more like 250 to make and 500 to market

  20. Cam says:

    Did you not see how bad it sucked? Number have it as a flop and others didn’t like it either. What about that would make it a success?

  21. Mas says:

    Well, most of the money went to salaries, and other things money tends to go to. Believe it or not there is only a small percentage that gets paid to the studio, that is why there are rich directors, and actors and studios come out with different movies all year long, that’s how they stay in business. Also most of the money comes from outside sources such as action figures, books, video games things like that. Seeing as how the spider man franchise is controlled by Marvel, and Sony controls the rights to the movies, Sony makes very, very little money from the movies.

  22. Harrison says:

    What about miles morals and Peter is dead?

  23. jersome says:

    I am not as convinced that Garfield is as tied to Spiderman as you think. He has starred in one average Spiderman and one utterly forgettable one. It is not like he is as memorable as Bale or Keaton are to Batman.

  24. Mutton_man says:

    Disney owns all merchandising rights for Spider-man while Sony owns all filmmaking rights.

    “To that end, we recently completed a transaction with Sony Pictures to simplify our relationship. And then in the deal, we purchased Sony Pictures’ participation in Spiderman merchandising, while at the same time, Sony Pictures purchased from us our participation in Spiderman films. This transaction will allow us to control and fully benefit from all Spiderman merchandising activity, while Sony will continue to produce and distribute Spiderman films” – Disney CEO Bob Iger

     And yes, if a movie isn’t made featuring Spider-man characters every few years, then the rights revert back to Marvel

    “Every three years, the company has to make a film utilizing the character; otherwise, the rights revert back to Marvel” – Entertainment Weekly

  25. Johnny says:

    Um…. if you were a kid when there wasn’t even the technology to even make a Spider-Man movie, you wouldn’t be complaining!