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If DOCTOR WHO Was an Animated Show, This Would Totally Be the Opening

Never before in my life have I wanted a thing to be a real thing and no just a super impressive idea. Artist and animator Stephen Byrne has made this amazing opening title sequence to a fictional Saturday morning-style animated series of Doctor Who, still starring Peter Capaldi and Jenna Coleman, but with P-Caps being a lot more smiley and spry and J-Co being a lot more…well, like a child. It’s 43 seconds of pure Time Lordy amazingness.

H/T Radio Free Skaro

Byrne sure does pack in the references and little inside jokes in the short video, from beginning with images of all of the previous Doctors (sans War of course), to having Handles the Cyberman Head and an Adipose as cute sidekicks, to a Dalek inexplicably chasing Clara around the TARDIS. Heck, even K-9 is there, because if kids love anything, it’s a little talking robot dog with a laser for a nose. And by golly, the animated representations of some of the scariest monsters, the Weeping Angels and the Silence, look pretty darn cute in this guise. I mean they’re just going to send you back in time and/or make you forget; that’s not SO bad if they weren’t so creepy in live-action form.

By far my favorite part is the Polaroids of the best pals on their various adventures, and even getting photobombed by a Cyberman. Let us know in the comments where you would go with the Doctor and what you’d pose against/next to with him. Me, I’d go the Battle of Gettysburg to help the Doctor foil a Silurian takeover, and posing in front of Pickett right before his charge.

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  1. MooMan says:

    The fact that this article doesn’t once mention Gravity Falls is a fail. Poor job, Kyle Anderson. Do better next time.

  2. Libby says:

    It’s like Dr who and gravity falls combined

  3. Whovian says:

    Great opening sequence but I think the music could be a bit better. It needs t some of the original sound track in it

  4. laurence says:

    THAT is totally Awesome!!!!

  5. allyson says:

    What in the world is gravity falls?? And two…this needs to be a thing

  6. Luke silver says:

    Yea, except Capaldi never smiles.

  7. Sympson says:

    Yes, totally outstanding work from Stephen Byrne and really should give massive thanks to him for this outstanding work. This animated series is a fabulous one and I hope that everybody will love this if they notify this carefully. So thanks for representing this to us and hope that more will come soon:)

  8. Casiopeia says:


  9. @T_Magus666 says:

    THAT WAS AWESOME!!! Think of all the kiddies becoming Whovians…it might start a revolution…at the very least, a little less Dora the Explorer merchandise in our stores and more… *in a kiddie voice*”Mommy, I want the sonic screwdriver and the build your own Dalek.” “Pleeeeease!!!’ “I am a Time-lord you know…”

  10. Derp says:

    Change the music to the “doo-wee-ooo” we all know and love and then talk. I think this should be considered more of a “If Doctor Who met Gravity Falls” parody.

  11. chris says:

    wow gravity falls

  12. Steve says:

    Yes, yes, he can draw and animate superbly, but oh boy I can not wait for Capaldi to ramp up the grumpiness and put off this sort of twee nonsense. I’m sure this was a little bit of fun but there are so many folks out there who seem to think Doctor Who is a British Scooby Doo… isn’t.

    Oh and by the way, for the record the show isn’t supposed to be CUTE, ever.

  13. Grey says:

    Did anyone else notice that the theme was really very similar to the Gravity Falls theme? In fact, the whole thing kinda seemed like a rip off. Still, it was brilliant.

  14. Josh says:

    I would go back to the time of Lincoln and prevent the Daleks from killing Lincoln.

  15. Mark H-B says:

    I grew up in the UK watching Dr. Who and I CRAVE THIS.

  16. Josh says:

    There actually was a Doctor Who animated series, briefly, in Canada, produced by Nelvana, in the 90s.

  17. jessica says:

    omg i would absolutely watch this show!

  18. Matthew Gerber says:

    Doctor Who X Gravity Falls is my new favorite thing evar!

  19. DWolf2k2 says:

    K9 + Handles + Adipose = WIN!!!!

  20. Jerry says:

    It’s supposed to be a spoof of the Gravity Falls intro: