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Ice Cream Ramen Is the Food Innovation Noodle Lovers Have Been Waiting For

Ice Cream Ramen Is the Food Innovation Noodle Lovers Have Been Waiting For

If you’ve ever had a steaming bowl of ramen and thought that it would be great super sweet and ice cold, then you’re in luck because the coolest new food to take over the dessert world is ice cream ramen. Like most food trends it sounds dubious at first, but ramen is so popular that people will take it any way they can get it. Double down and make the dish look Instagram-worthy and suddenly you have foodies lined up for blocks.

At The Dessert Kitchen in New York, they’ve taken the traditional Japanese dessert of kanten jelly and given it the form of stringy noodles. Remember the water cake sensation that blew the internet’s minds? It’s like that but in a more tensile form. Ramen has always been hugely popular, so the marriage of the noodle dish and dessert is so weird it almost makes sense. went to The Dessert Kitchen in Greenwich Village to get a behind the scenes look at how the fashionable treat is made. Candice Auyeung, the owner of The Dessert Kitchen, said that the concept was born over a decade ago. It starts with agar, which is extracted from seaweed; the ingredient is what gives these noodles their clear color and substantial texture. Add water and sugar and that’s all you need to create the base of the dish.

The kanten is then hand cut like pasta to give it the distinctive noodle shape. Think of it as a more malleable form of Jell-o. Served over shave ice, fruit and with condensed milk, these cold noodles are the new boba and definitely photogenic if instagram tells any tales.

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Oddly, The Dessert Kitchen Instagram doesn’t even boast about this innovative creation, but foodstagrammers are all over it, taking tons of photos and videos of the cool blue noodles in action.

The menu allows you to change up the noodle color and sauce flavor with peach, green tea, grape, honey, or brown sugar to make your bowl of ice cream dessert distinctly yours.

What do you think of the newest dessert trend? Let us know in the comments if you’d like to try ice cream ramen!

Image: The Dessert Kitchen



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