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Creepy Robots Make This Ice Cream Ad Disturbing

Who doesn’t love ice cream? Sure, there might be a few who dislike the taste or can’t consume it for dietary reasons, but it’s a favorite dessert for many people. But what if you could only eat ice cream? And what if ice cream was the last thing that remained in a dystopian future ruled by creepy/probably evil robots? You don’t have to imagine that last scenario, because it plays out in front of your eyes within this new commercial for Halo Top Creamery. Like the robot says, “Humans require ice cream!”

Now, we have to point out that this is a real ad, and you may even see it in movie theaters this weekend with It or possibly in front of Kingsman: The Golden Circle in a few weeks. It was directed by Mike Dahlquist, a.k.a. Mike Diva, and he may have just done the impossible: now we don’t want any ice cream!

The ad is darkly funny as the robot informs the unnamed woman that everyone she loves is gone and there is only ice cream. The ice cream jingle in the background is also appropriately nightmarish. It’s as if Diva has created a version of Hell that would actually turn us against the tasty frozen treat.

“It’s almost like an anti-ad,” said Halo Top CEO Justin Woolverton while speaking with Ad Age. “If anything it portrays ice cream a little negatively but we thought that was overshadowed by how great the dark comedy was.” We have to give them credit for trying something new, but we’ve never had ice cream nightmares before! Perhaps Halo Top should add “official ice cream of the robot apocalypse” to its packaging.

Would you accept “delicious ice cream” from this robot? Serve up your thoughts in the comment section below!

Images: Halo Top Creamery 

Enjoy some less scary ice cream!

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