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How to Throw the Most Magnificent Galentine’s Day Party

galentines day

This Saturday is only the best day of the year: February 13, Galentine’s Day! The holiday’s patron saint Leslie Knope likes to focus on her big three—friends, waffles, and work. On Galentine’s Day, it’s all about ladies celebrating ladies with brunch, gifts, brunch, and more brunch.

Regardless of what order you put those in, it’s a time to celebrate the super amazing ladies in your life. So gather your best girlfriends and use these tips and Pinterest board to throw the best Parks and Recreation Galentine’s Party from here to Pawnee!

friends waffles work-02082016

Leslie Knope’s gal day party is a vision of floral centerpieces and pink decor, all to the soundtrack of Mouse Rat tunes.

Galentines Day Decor-02082016

Small boxes of succulents or dip dyed flowers make nice low centerpieces so that you can chat about female role models across the table and still enjoy your waffles. For the walls, pink accents with gold word balloons tell all your friends how much they mean to you. Then again, so does a wall of donuts.

galentines day breakfast-02082016
Galentine’s Day is a day to Treat Yoself and your friends, and there’s no better way to do it than stacks and stacks of delicious breakfast food.

Galentines Day Food-02082016

Pink cocktails, fancy ice cream, and a lengthy waffle bar with all the toppings would be enough for an average day, but for Galentine’s Day you absolutely must go all out. Hand craft individual edible odes to Pawnee’s most famous resident miniature horse, Li’l Sebastian, using eggs, bacon and French toast for all your party guests.

Treat Yoself-02082016
Your friends are beautiful tropical fish and they deserve the best. Little takeaways for your besties are just extra love to take home after a memorable Galentine’s Day.

Galentines Day Gifts-02082016

One of the best Galentine’s Day crafts is needlepoint, second only to 5,000 word essays of why your friends are all so awesome. Put it all in an extra special tote tucked in with a commemorative sweatshirt and it’s literally the best gift you’ll give all year.

Decor images: Tastefully Mismatched,,, thimblepress

Food images: Jenn Fujikawa,, Veronica Yem, nobiggie

Gift images: NBC, BananyaStand, Design Genes Studio

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