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How to Ring in the New Year Like These TV and Movie Oddballs

Sometimes you just need a little inspiration to get your party started right. After all: New Year’s Eve is a big night out! There are so many ways it could go, and some even say the way you celebrate New Year’s is representative of how you’ll spend your entire year. No pressure or anything! Still, with the amount of options out there it might be hard to figure out which way to go is right for you — maybe you need a little inspiration. Perhaps take a page from a favorite character or two?

That’s where you’re in luck, my friends — because that’s exactly what this list is here to do. Show you the way, guide you into goodness, and hopefully turn 2015 into your BEST.YEAR.EVER.

Not that we condone some (or a lot of) the things happening on this list (cough cough we’re looking at you, Fish Mooney wannabes cough), but it’s your life, we’re just here to tell you how these particular nutballs would run it.

Arya Stark, Game of Thrones
Are you feeling murder-y tonight? Not yet/still too young/you aren’t a serial murderperson-to-be like everyone’s favorite she-Stark? Well that’s fine, because you can still have an epic Arya-esque New Year’s Eve if you make sure to keep it interesting. And that means: keep moving! Who needs to hunker down at one place when there are SO MANY bars and places to go and see, eh? The ultimate Arya Stark night out will mean at least 6 different bars before you get to your intended destination — and you’ll probably pick up some new friends (whether you want to or not) along the way. Stay quick on your toes and say “not today” to death (and hangovers). Keep the drinking to a minimum and you’ll be juuuuuuust fine. Valar Morghulis.

Star-Lord, Guardians of the Galaxy
What’s a Star-Lord going to be up to this New Year’s Eve? Uh, dancing up a storm with his best buds in the whole universe, obviously. If you want to do it up like your favorite intergalactic pirate of a sort, the key to doing it is all in the tuneage. Prince’s “1999” may be a bit too “new” for our favorite guardian, but hopefully someone out there has picked it up during their travels through time and space. Because, I mean, the dance-off between Ronan and Star-Lord on this tune would be epic. Crank up your very own “Awesome Mix, Vol. 1,” grab your favorite crew of motleys, and get ready to dance the night away. To the point that you don’t even realize the New Year has come and gone until an hour or two after midnight. Woops!

Helena, Orphan Black
One thing to ensure you have the most Helena’d-out New Year’s Eve? SNACKS. Lots and lots of snacks. Doughnuts and Jell-o and cupcakes and tuna fish and lollipops and Honeycomb and soda on top of soda on top of soda. Candy, candy, candy and a solid place to dance. A night of Helena-esque debauchery means keeping things light and unexpected. Dress however you like, put your bebies to bed, call up your sestras and the rest of the Clone Club and get ready to get stuffed. Start the night out with a gluttonous turn at the aforementioned edibles before heading out to find your Jesse for the night. Dance with gleeful abandon and don’t be afraid to get weird with it. After all, tonight YOU are the angry angel turned candy girl. Go rock that world.

Pornstache, Orange is the New Black
Find a jail cell: stay there. Send creepy, lovelorn, sad-sack letters to the girl who put you there. Wash, rinse, repeat every other day until you get out.

Madame Céline Villeneuve Desgoffe und Taxis, The Grand Budapest Hotel
Elegance and discretion, my friends — that is the truly best way to spend your New Year’s Eve like the grandiose dame from Wes Anderson’s film. Find yourself a dashing young chap and convince him to seduce you. Lavish upon him gifts and food and let him take care of you for the rest of the eve. He knows what you like and you know it — and there ain’t nothin’ wrong with leaning into your more animalistic instincts. At your age?! Ain’t nobody gonna be mad at you. LIVE YOUR BEST LIFE, just like Oprah says, girl.

Baymax, Big Hero 6
Bah-a-la-a-la-a-la! Baymax wants to do whatever YOU want to do this New Year’s — so long as there’s a hairy baby or two in tow. That means celebrating like Baymax means keeping it real low-key (don’t want anyone to get injured now, do we?) — maybe sitting on the couch, munching on some chips while Ryan Seacrest talks about the ball drop. He might ask to switch over to Anderson Cooper and Kathy Griffin during the commercials — but only if you want to, too. Baymax also knows a healthy night’s sleep is of the utmost importance, so you’ll probably be in bed by 12:30AM if you do it his way.

Fish Mooney, Gotham
Want to be spend your New Year holiday like a sadistic club owner? Well: get ready to probably go to jail (because this is the real world and not Gotham), because there’s absolutely nothing about what Fish Mooney does that’s legal. Grab some of your favorite houseboys and hit the town — preferably a place you’re a regular at (or somewhere you own) so that you can pretty much do and say whatever you want. The music? Your choice. The booze? Keep it comin’. The atmosphere? Electric. The ambiance? Pretty people only, please — unless they’re the sorta jokers that’ll make you laugh. Sit back and relax — but make sure to stay on your toes because there’s no way someone isn’t dying tonight. Happy New Year?

Dr. Mann, Interstellar
RUIN EVERYTHING. Get absolutely BELLIGERENT, SEEMINGLY OUT OF NOWHERE, and blow shit up. Ruin everyone’s night and your own! Cause a scene, maybe pee on a cop car and kick a building or something. *shakes head* Asshole.

Who would you most like to spend New Year’s Eve as? Let us know in the comments.

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