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How to Make a PG-13 DEADPOOL Movie Work

By now you’ve all heard the good news: a Deadpool movie is coming, and it’s thanks to us fans who more or less willed it into existence! But there’s been a hiccup: rumor is, the film could be shooting for a PG-13 rating! Is there any chance a Deadpool movie could survive this grim fate? 

Join Jessica Chobot as she breaks down some of her favorite R-rated lines from the Deadpool script, suggests a way for Fox to keep the PG-13 while keeping the fans happy, and wields a seriously dangerous katana in our studio – all on today’s Nerdist News!

Thanks for watching the show, don’t forget to stop by for another tomorrow, and let us know in the comments below whether you’d prefer a PG-13 Deadpool or no Deadpool at all!

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  1. Dave says:

    Everyone forgets that Deadpool was cool even as a PG-13 character in the comics before Marvel Max was introduced.The essence of the character is in his smart-mouth and hilarity. The violence and language was always just a decision made to enhance his comedy. Therefore, if the comedy remains with PG-13 content, then Deadpool’s soul is intact.Also, let’s not forget deadpool got beheaded in a PG-13 movie. And Wolverine’s removed peoples limbs in a PG-13 movie, and has been charred to the bone.There is a way to do the violence. And the Language is PERFECTLY handled with a Meta joke.People are just mad who have bad taste in movies and think that anything implicit is “kiddy”.

  2. C. says:

    Deadpool let’s just face it he’s unrated….  because the foul mouth, the sick humor, the ultra-violence.  They have to not only break the fourth wall…. they’ll have to smash it to pieces when he swears and make it part of the movie….. yes good idea to bleep and use sound effects…. or cutaway while Wade is talking (just to have him get in the face of the camera….  ‘I was just talking…. don’t listen to them listen to MEEE!’  This has got to be over-the-top with inside humor, sight gags, and irreverence.  It must be PURE DEADPOOL.  And borrow for a cameo Tom Higgleston just watching DP while having a latte.  

  3. Ryan says:

    Rob Liefeld himself said that the test footage would be out of a PG13 film, and we all loved it. He said they can still do all the decapitation they want as long as there’s minimal blood. If the creator of Deadpool is happy with it, I’m happy with it.

  4. Philadelphia Collins says:

    I like the 4th wall-breaking bleeping but that would all but REQUIRE a director’s cut on home video.

    I mean really, Fox? In this day and age? We have such strange boundaries of morality. To think that there is a point in a movie when one more f-bomb would be one f-bomb too many. “OH! He said that very same expletive one more time!! NC-17! Banned! XXX! Crossed the line!!!”

    And yeah, from what I remember, the Punisher: War Zone movie had quite a bit of gore, not to mention language.

  5. Mike Haslam says:

    Please no, do it right and make an R Rated movie. 

  6. Monzie says:

    Well i’d say they’re strategy is well and truly working.
    I think it’s more plausible that they are leaking this rumor to generate publicity.
    Did miller and reynolds already say they’d rather not make the movie if they couldn’t secure an R rating?
    I call bullshit and think we’ll be in for a surprise.

  7. MArk says:

    yes definitely better than no deadpool at all!!

  8. The Deadpool ep of Ultimate Spider-man was actually pretty da[r/m]ned [good/badass]. There was one line that must’ve [almost been cut from/been sneaked in to] the ‘toon on DXD.Honestly, it’s hard to believe they don’t just opt to make two slightly different versions of the dialog and [cut/cut] some of the [violence/gooey funness] and just release the PG-13 version first & then [gouge/(evil corporate term)] the [mature fans/fuckers] for a [second/third/fifth/tenth] ticket for the R version later. Kinda like releasing the [unrated version disc/(tobacco industry reference)]. Just don’t do two versions of the CG scenes or other expensive crap. There’s gotta be some room for growth in a relatively settled entertainment industry [/in the boardroom’s pants].

  9. Seven Bates says:

    No Deadpool Movie > PG-13 Deadpool movie. Why? Punisher. 

    • Philadelphia Collins says:

      I agree with you but Fox didn’t make the 2008 Punisher movie. Which of course s**ts on your point but I made a comment on absurd film industry morality above.

  10. Ty Gunn says:

    A PG-13 Deadpool movie will be quite the challenge, but considering what Marvel was able to achieve with Winter Soldier (PG-13) leads me to believe it could be pretty DANG slick.

  11. Larry Viscarra says:

    I don’t have to see the clip to know a pg-13 Deadpool would work.  All you have to do really is have Deadpool know or realize he’s in a pg-13 movie and work from there.

  12. Descartes says:

    Hmmm.  Didn’t we already have a bad Deadpool movie that we can’t unsee?  Perhaps we can only go up from here…

  13. David says:

    No deadpool movie is better than a bad one…
    Jury is out on weather a PG-13 rating = Bad movie, tho.

    Still… hope the rumor is false.

  14. mikedudez says:

    no i dont see this movie getting past its pg rating, but i dont care either way since im not a deadpool fan, but good luck to the followers. maybe also would help is this movie playing some time in the near future and i still dont see ryan reynolds wearing the mask for no more than 5 minutes

  15. Here is the thing. With a little imagination, creativity, and a different perspective this could be done.

    And by that I am not referencing the directing but rather the fans that know Deadpool.

    Either way, I am looking forward to throwing money at the screen and I am sure I will get a few laughs out of it. Deadpool is one of my favorites, and once again, one of my favorite actors is in the seat to play him.

    Positive vibes. Positive vibes.

    “Didn’t he play your other favorite hero, Green Lantern? How did that turn out?”


  16. PheFo says:

    No. A PG-13 Deadpool movie is not better than no Deadpool movie at all. It wastes huge amounts of time and money. And if it doesn’t do well at the box office, the character is either buried by the studio and forgotten or lost in reboot hell. Characters like Deadpool are foul-mouthed and ultra-violent by nature. Stop watering down these Rated R characters for the sake of the children. Play the Deadpool video game, take notes, and don’t fuck this up.

  17. I’d rather have no Deadpool movie, than to see this unique and edgy character who has such a specific, loyal cult following be ruined in an attempt to appeal to the masses. Rated R or bust.

  18. Brett Roth says:

    A PG-13 Deadpool is NOT Deadpool. The executives need to grow a pair. They’ll lose more business (17+) than they’ll gain (younger than 17).

    • Dave says:

      B.S.So 1990s Deadpool wasn’t Deadpool? Most appearances of Deadpool were not Deadpool?Just because you like unrated Deadpool better, doesn’t mean that the explicit content defines him. He was a character and had an essence and charm, before they decided to make him a Marvel Max character.

  19. Spence says:

    PG 13…. well fuck