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How to Add a Little WET HOT AMERICAN SUMMER to Your Home Decor

Summer camp decor is timeless. Whether you went to camp in the ’70s or the ’90s, I’d wager the overall look is similar. Rustic and sturdy furniture, wood paneling, mismatched curtains, maybe some cork boards–these are hallmarks of summer camps tucked away in the woods and they can be seen in Netflix’s Wet Hot American Summer: First Day of Camp.

The prequel series to the 2001 film goes back in time to the first day at Camp Firewood, and the set decoration by Cassandra Fuote is on point. It makes me want to go back in time, and if you’re having similar feelings, Houzz has put together a series of decor suggestions to add a little 1980s camp to your everyday life, assuming you don’t mind paying for some renovations and/or moving.

Houzz’s picks are inspired by certain items and feelings from the series. Want to foster the kind of closeness (you can interpret closeness however you wish) that only happens at camp? Move into a smaller abode like this cozy cabin by Richardson Architects:

Want to honor the amount of denim worn in Wet Hot American Summer? Get a denim slipcover for your sofa:

Nothing spruces up a room quite like a tie-dye backdrop, and you can add a bold splash of color with curtains like these:

Excuse me while I research how much it would cost to tie-dye my entire house.

Which element of Camp Firewood decor would you most like to bring into your home? Tell me in the comments.

See more suggests at Houzz.

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