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How Much Will the DARK TOWER Movie Differ from the Books?

Stephen King‘s eight-part masterpiece The Dark Tower is finally making it’s way to the big screen! The film will be a sequel to the books, taking place after Roland has restarted the story, so fans can think of this a little like the Star Trek side-quels. Time has been reset and the same characters can tread different paths! So what will be making it from the books into this movie exactly? Entertainment Weekly had some great breakdowns this past week and we’re going over all of them here on Nerdist News!


Book one introduced Roland’s quest for the Dark Tower, his redemptive relationship with a boy from our world named Jake, the villainous man in black, and the post-apocalyptic land of Mid-World—and we’re getting all that and more in the upcoming film! We won’t see Eddie and Susannah from book two, but the movie will entertain the concept that our world and Roland’s Mid-World are parallel worlds. Book three will bring a romp through a living haunted house to the movie that can bend and warp to terrorize strangers to walk through the portal between worlds.

The next book most likely won’t make the movie, but will more likely become a season of television down the line as the majority of the novel takes place in the past. Book five brings the wolves of the Calla as well as the Manni village, as the world-walking shamans presumably help Roland and Jake travel back to our world for the film’s third act. We’ll also meet the movie’s villainous Richard Sayre, a high-ranking member of the Can-toi: a race of “low-men,” i.e. human-Taheen” hybrids. This is gonna be an insane movie already.

Dark Tower 1

With book six comes the Man in Black and Roland at the Dixie Pig, the meeting place for the Can-Toi. They’ll be seen working for the Sombra Group, the front for the servants of the Crimson King, the series’ biggest bad! And finally, book seven will bring the Sombra Group’s most prominent role in the story as well as the Horn of Eld—the time-flipping tool of Arthur Eld, also known as King Arthur—because the movie will have Roland as the descendant of alternate-dimension King Arthur… hey, why not?

So that’s a ton of info to expect about the upcoming Dark Tower movie, and Sony definitely has their work cut out for them. But rumor has it that we’ll be getting even more Dark Tower-related goodness over the next week at Comic Con

But what do you guys think? Are you a “constant reader?” Which scenes are you most excited to see on the big screen? How much of this post was actually in English? Let’s discuss!

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