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HOUSE OF CARDS Travels From 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue To SESAME STREET

It’s a tale as old as time; a man (or wolf) with ruthless ambition will stop at nothing to get his way. In a web culture full of House of Cards parodies – some better than others – this is by far the most pleasantly surprising. Netflix’s critically-acclaimed hit show is getting the homage treatment from none other than the most beloved street in America, Sesame Street! Kudos to the music department for the recreation of the jazzy intro theme and to the actor voicing Frank Underwolf for evoking the southern drawl of Spacey-as-Underwood.

Utilizing the classic tale of the “Three Little Pigs,” Sesame Street has actually produced a decent, short recap of Frank Underwood’s – er, Underwolf’s – political maneuvering through the American government. Each little pig’s house represents one of the three branches of United States government. The first house, the straw house, represents the Legislative Branch, where Frank Underwood – sorry, Underwolf in this story – got his taste for power. The Legislative Branch is of course comprised of the House of Representatives and the Senate.

The second house is the Stick House and it represents Supreme Court, or the Judicial Branch. Now this is where the parody differs from the source material ever so slightly and actually uses the opportunity to introduce a quick counting lesson for the kiddies by way of subtraction. The Supreme Court doesn’t factor in to the narrative of Netflix’s House of Cards because of the whole boring lifetime-appointment minutia that doesn’t lend itself very well to political intrigue and ladder-climbing. Nonetheless, Frank Underwolf in this scenario blows down the second house where he can finally set his sights on the primary target…

The White (Brick) House. Frank Underwolf gets his brief moment in the Executive Branch, but since this is the story of the Three Little Pigs, they prevail in the end. This gives way to The Big Bad Underwolf’s clever nod to the title of the series in which they’re parodying. As a matter of fact, the actual Frank Underwood will return to the small screen in just a matter of days. House of Cards returns to Netflix on February 27th – THIS FRIDAY – so now’s as good of a time as any to catch up on Washington’s most dubious dealmaker if you’re behind on your binge-viewing. Now, which of my local congresspersons do I have to speak to about arranging a “Sesame” Veep?

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  1. tim says:

    If you haven’t watched the first two seasons at this point I don’t think you get to care about spoilers from then anymore.

  2. Tarrasq says:

    Too bad it’s too late for Frank Underwood to raise a stink about anyone trying to slash Sesame Street funding this season. 

  3. Montel says:

    Did each house represent the seasons of the show? If so, SPOILER!