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Hot Wheels Now Makes the Beatles’ Yellow Submarine

In the toys, that some collect,

Exist some caaaaars, whose wheels are hot,

And they’ve add-ed to the line

With a Yellllllow….Submarine.

So we’ll roam, the toy store aisles,

Till we find this, sub super-keen.

It shouldn’t cost, you too much green,

For the Yellow Submarine

We’ll leave you to guess the rest, and find yourself singing Beatles tunes for the rest of the day. But here’s the bottom line: Hot Wheels just made the cartoon Fab Four’s signature submersible vehicle (yeah, we know, technically Old Fred owns it, but the movie isn’t called Old Fred: Yellow Submarine, now is it?).

The submarine itself should be available now, but starting this week, six other Hot Wheels cars inspired by the movie should be peppering their way into retail outlets near you…


As reported by Gizmodo, these six wheeled wonders began as Cirque du Soleil gift shop exclusives in Las Vegas, but will shortly be more widely available. So if you bought them in Vegas thinking they were rare and afraid to open them, now’s the time to rip the packages apart and run them around the floor yelling “Broom broom!” As one should.

It’s interesting that the Volkswagen van goes to the Blue Meanie. Meanies hate music, and everyone we’ve ever known with that kind of vehicle was waaaay into their tunes, and usually in a band. Maybe Hot Wheels is being all subversive and stuff. Or should that be “submersive”?

What kind of car would the Apple Bonker drive? Or the Snapping Turk? May we suggest an Edsel for Jeremy Hillary Boob, since it went nowhere, man?

We await your suggestions in the comments.

images: Mattel

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