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Hot Toys’ STAR WARS Figures Are Accurate Down to Chewbacca’s Toenails

Oh man, these Han and Chewbacca Star Wars figures from Hot Toys.

Let’s try that again as a complete sentence: yet again, Hot Toys appears to have gone above and beyond to reproduce the film likenesses of one of their licenses into a heavily-detailed figure that some of us (me) want to buy right now.

The toymaker has released the first images for their Han Solo and Chewbacca, along with specs for the 1/6-scale figures. Both are crafted from each characters’ likenesses in A New Hope, right down a little thatch of chest hair for under wee Harrison Ford’s tunic.

Han will include a stand, accessories, and costume, with 30 points of articulation. And according to the Hot Toys product page, in selected markets, he’ll also get a Stormtrooper belt and blaster rifle like those seen in the film. Oh, and the figure stands at approximately 30 cm tall.

Chewie, on the other hand, will stand at a mighty 36 cm tall, and includes what Hot Toys is describing as a “movie accurate” facial expression, along with a full body of fabric hair. Han’s partner in crime will also include two pairs of interchangeable palms (one closed set for holding accessories and one open).

While Hot Toys hasn’t yet announced pricing for either figure, we can expect them sometime between the first and second quarter of 2015. That’s great, because then you can have them team up with the Guardians of the Galaxy Gamora figure, which should be out around the same time.

[Source: Hot Toys via io9]

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  1. Peacekeeper says:

    The details are outstanding but Han’s likeness is off.  It may bear a small resemblance to Harrison Ford but I think for all the detail on other areas, they should have spent a little more on the face.   

  2. BCrall says:

    My god…I almost pulled the trigger on the Heath Ledger Joker figure. This may finally get me to make a purchase. Damn you Hot Toys.