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HOT TOYS Pull out All the Stops With Their SPIDER-MAN: HOMECOMING Figure

It is officially less than a month until Spider-Man completes his integration into the MCU with the release of Spider-Man: Homecoming. From what has been shown so far, it looks like the film will provide a good balance of the “Parker Luck” and “Sarcasti-Spider-Man” that was missing from the previous incarnations.

Hot Toys has already released two figures in their Homecoming line: Spidey in his homemade costume and Iron Man. It’s now time for them to bring out the big guns with the release of Spider-Man in his “real” costume.

Spider-Man 1

Hot Toys is known for making AMAZING (pun intended) figures, but you know they have a gem on their hands when it’s hard to tell if you are looking at the figure or at the movie poster. Just in case, this IS the figure you’re looking at right now.

Spider-Man Eyes

Lucky for us, both the films AND the toys have figured out a way to get Spidey to show emotion, even when he wears a full face mask. His eyepieces range from “Oh wow I am swinging right next to Iron Man this is SO COOL!” to “I can NOT read the font on that PowerPoint. Could you increase the size a bit?”

The figure will be released in two formats, standard and deluxe. Both versions come with an alternative Tom Holland head, a mask to hold, web wings, headphones, a science textbook, two versions of the Spider-Man Stark Tech, 5 sets of interchangeable hands, 4 sets of eyes, a backpack, webbing, and a stand. If you splurge for the deluxe edition, you will also get the Vulture’s helmet, a hoodie, and a school blazer.

You can check out more pictures of Spidey in the gallery below (including some great comic-based poses that will look familiar to longtime Marvel fans), and if you want to pull the web-shooter trigger, you can pre-order the standard or deluxe version at Sideshow Collectibles here or here, respectively.

So what do you think? Are you ready for Spider-Man to finally be where he belongs? Will this figure belong with your collection? Let me know on Twitter or tell me what triggers YOUR Spider-Sense in the comments below.

Images: Hot Toys


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