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Hot Toys’ Deluxe Jyn Erso Comes Fully Loaded for Battle

Hot Toys’ Deluxe Jyn Erso Comes Fully Loaded for Battle

Do you think when her friends heard she was going on a dangerous mission, they ever said, “Oh, that Jyn. ‘Er so crazy”? If they didn’t, they missed some prime punning real estate. Unlike sarcastic pals, however, Hot Toys does not pass up any opportunity related to Star Wars movie protagonists. Their new Jyn Erso (Deluxe) looks so much like the real thing that you might want to encrypt all your own secret plans just so she doesn’t run off with them.

The various Jyn Erso toys from Rogue One are a case study in what does and doesn’t work well in different scales. It’s pretty clear that in the movie, she’ll disguise herself with a shawl at some point, and the action figures have all tried to make this an alternate look, but in the smaller scale it’s plastic and does not easily come on and off. At the 12-inch scale fabric works better, but you may notice that Hot Toys hasn’t gone with rooted hair this time, as they do with most female figures–I suspect the reason for this is so you can take her removable helmet on and off without messing up the ‘do. It also seems much easier to capture Felicity Jones’ likeness in a larger size; subtleties get lost on the more standard Star Wars figures, but this looks like the real actress is staring right at you.

A less-deluxe version will also be available, but this Jyn includes “an additional costume including a poncho with bandolier, a breathing mask, hat with goggles, quadnoculars, and additional blaster parts for Jyn’s unique blaster that can be combined into multiple modes.” Check her out in full detail in the gallery below, which also includes an advance look at Hot Toys’ K-2SO.

Are you jonesing to add the Sergeant to your ranks? Give us your thoughts in comments.


Image: Hot Toys


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