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HORROR HAPPENINGS: First Track from John Carpenter’s LOST THEMES Album, LEATHERFACE Prequel Gets Directors, SCREAM Goes to Series at MTV and more!

Happy After Halloween, everybody! Hopefully you all survived All Hallows’ Eve and are still hungry for more horror goodness. Without further adieu, please enjoy this weeks Horror Happenings!

John Carpenter LOST THEMES Update

A few weeks ago in “Horror Happenings” we told you about John Carpenter casually mentioning during BeyondFest here in LA that he was going to be releasing a collection of lost themes some time in the near future. This week we learned that Sacred Bones Records would be releasing the album this winter and Carpenter even released a sample of whats to come, the track titled “Vortex,” on his website. For the record, it is AWESOME. John Carpenter is, of course, best known for his score to the 1978 classic Halloween as well as his themes for The Fog, Escape from New York and many others.


Texas Chainsaw Prequel Leatherface Announces Directors

Bloody Disgusting is reporting that directors have been chosen to bring Leatherface, the prequel to The Texas Chainsaw Massacre about the iconic slasher as a teenager, to life and those directors are Julien Maury and Alexandre Bustillo. Working from a script by Seth M. Sherwood, the French duo who brought you the very bloody Inside and the vampire flick Livide will make their American debut with Leatherface, which is expected in the near future although no release date or cast has been announced.

Bloody Disgusting

Clive Barker Talks Nightbreed Blu-ray, Gives Update on Hellraiser Reboot

This week Entertainment Weekly featured a lengthy exploration of Clive Barker’s Nightbreed and the new Scream Factory cut attempting to restore Barker’s vision for the film. He also offered a status report on the Hellraiser reboot saying, ““I think the phrase is ‘reboot,’ although I’ve never really understood what that meant. I wanted to make sure we sounded some fresh notes. The movie actually begins on Devil’s Island. I wanted to fold into the Hellraiser narrative something about the guy—the Frenchman Lemarchand—who made the mysterious box, which raises Pinhead. I figured, ‘Well, what would have happened to him?’ He might well have been taken to Devil’s Island and I thought that would be a pretty cool place to start the movie. We’re waiting for Bob to come back to us and see when we’re going to actually make the movie.”

Barker also mentions that he is considering stepping back into the director’s chair after an almost decades long hiatus.


Scream Ordered to Series at MTV

Speaking of the Weinstein brothers, MTV has ordered a 10-episode season of a television show based on the Wes Craven directed horror hit. Scream is expected to premiere in 2015 and should make a good companion to their other scripted genre reboot Teen Wolf. There is a bit of controversy surrounding the series though as it has not yet been confirmed if Ghostface, the iconic killer, will make an appearance. Hmm…


Trick R Treat Director Mike Dougherty’ Krampus is Coming Next Year!

Universal Pictures has moved Krampus, Mike Dougherty’s Christmas horror movie out of November and right smack into the 25 Days of Christmas to December 4, 2015. The Trick R Treat director has been quoted as saying about his upcoming holiday devil movie, “Christmas has been invading Halloween for far too long. It’s time to return the favor.” Sign. Me. Up!


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  1. kerrell says:

    Trick r Treat was so good,I’ll definitely see Krampus.I highly doubt it will disappoint. The lost theme record sounds cool cause it’s John Carpenter. A part of me would like a hellraiser reboot but don’t know if it’ll happen.
    Thanks Clarke for the latest horror news,you’re the best.