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Hoodie Allen and Ed Sheeran Are Out to Save The World in ‘All About It’ Video

“I’m not a singer, I just rap pretty,” admits hip-hop upstart Hoodie Allen in one of the verses for “All About It,” the new single off his latest album, People Keep Talking.

So who exactly is this pretty rapper? Born Steven Markowitz in a suburb of Long Island, Allen always had a love for hip-hop, but didn’t necessarily plan to pursue it as a profession. After all, he graduated from University of Pennsylvania with a degree in marketing and finance. He even worked for Google before throwing in the tech towel for a career in music.

(Oh, and just in case it wasn’t obvious enough, Markowitz adopted his stage moniker as an homage to famed filmmaker Woody Allen; though, he insists his nickname growing up was indeed “Hoodie.”)

Either way, after almost five years of pounding the musical pavement, Hoodie Allen is going from college campus phenom to bonafide Billboard breakthrough artist.

Case in point: Allen’s new clip for “All About It,” which just so happens to feature everyone’s favorite lovesick troubadour, Ed Sheeran. Sure, the music video itself doesn’t make a whole lotta sense. For example, why is Sheeran hitting fruit with a baseball bat, while Allen runs on a treadmill, eating a burrito?

Irrelevant because what doesn’t require explanation is the duo’s decision to sport superhero costumes because no one needs a reason for that shiz. Like, ever.

Check out the video and see if you agree that Allen is a cross between Larry David and Miles Davis. His words, not ours.

Hoodie Allen is currently on the road with Chiddy Bang and Taylor Bennett. For a complete set of tourdates, check out his site.

Image: Hoodie Allen

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