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Home Geekonomics: OUTLANDER

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

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The Starz time traveling period series Outlander is a hit, so much so that sassenachs around the world can’t get enough. The midseason premiere is coming up on April 4th and while readers of Diana Gabaldon’s novels know what’s coming up, viewers of the show are on the edge of their seats.

To tide you over for a week or two here are some Home Geekonomics tributes to the adventures of Claire Randall/Fraser.

Outlander Blood Vow keychain by Enchanted Element

Blood Vow Keychain by Enchanted Element
Everything from the words of the oath to the dress were coveted by fans in the wedding episode. This keychain features the entire blood oath from the marriage of Jamie and Claire.

Gingerbread and Creamed Crud by Outlander Kitchen

Outlander food by Outlander Kitchen
Fans love to get involved with their favorite shows, period pieces especially, and Outlander is no exception. Ever feel the need to eat what your favorite characters are eating? Outlander Kitchen has got you covered from dinner to dessert.

Je Suis Prest Fraser Clan - by ModJules

Je Suis Prest: Fraser Clan tile pendant by ModJules
Want to belong to the Fraser clan? This tile pendant features the tartan plaid of the Fraser of Lovat clan, their crest of a stag and the motto: Je Suis Prest, “I am ready.”

Outlander Stone Circle

Mini Craigh Na Dun Globe by TheRedHairedLass
Dream of traveling back in time like Claire? Keep this little version of a circle of standing stones close by and you just might.

Just call me Sassenach by sincerely eunice

Sassenach mug by Sincerely Eunice
There’s nothing to say except sip from this mug and watch this video on repeat. Over and over again.

History of Thrones: Rhaenyra Targaryen, the First Woman to Sit on the Iron Throne

History of Thrones: Rhaenyra Targaryen, the First Woman to Sit on the Iron Throne

Spooky Science: The Ghost Frequency

Spooky Science: The Ghost Frequency

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO: A Visual Appreciation

MY NEIGHBOR TOTORO: A Visual Appreciation



  1. Adam says:

    Wow.  This is awesome.  Nicole and I are the owners of the shop.  We work hard to give the fans of the show a little piece of fantasy.  Thank you for selecting our item and shop for  We love the website.

  2. Nicole says:

    I am fan-girling all over the place right now!!  I am The Red Haired Lass and the Craig na Dun globe is from our shop.  Thanks so much for the mention!!

  3. Thanks so much for the link!  I love the little globe full of standing stones. 🙂 Theresa

  4. Outlandish says:

    Just an FYI, the link to the globe is wrong. It goes to the Je Suis Prest item mentioned above it. Here’s the correct link: