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Home Geekonomics: Fitness Gear

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

home geekonomicsIt’s 2015, which means it may be time to put those new year resolutions to the test. If working off your adipose is on your agenda, these fine pieces of fitness gear are sure to help.

Gearing up in clothing and accessories that inspire are just the beginning to getting you excited about your workout regimen. When you have a gym bag that looks like a quiver of arrows you’re ready for anything, whether its battling orcs, protecting Starling City or heading into a 2 hour Bikram Yoga class.

Cylons Workout Wear by LookHumanCylon Workout Tank by Look Human
Whether you’re out in the galaxy or on the treadmill, you’ll need this tank. Don’t look back, there’s a Toaster on your tail.

Jean Grey shorts by StrideFitnessApparelJean Grey Running Shorts from Stride Fitness Apparel
Even mutants need workout gear. With these tidy running shorts you’ll be on fire.

DIY Cyclops workout shirt by More Than A Geek GirlCyclops Workout Tank by More Than A Geek Girl
Speaking of mutants, why not DIY your own gear? This easy to follow tutorial shows you how to make your very own Cyclops Workout Tank. Craft it up, then it’s off to the Danger Room!

Quiver of Arrows yoga mat bag by BrogamatsQuiver of Arrows Yoga Mat Bag by Brogamats
When you carry a yoga bag that looks like a quiver of arrows you can’t help but be ready to tackle any physical challenge… or sworn enemy. (Also available as just a yoga mat.)

Phone Holder Water Bottle by FancyBeat Bottle by Fancy
At this point our phones are an extension of our bodies. If you can’t bear to be away from yours during your workout this Beat Bottle features a slot for your phone and amplifies music through the bottom of the bottle.

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  1. opg4759 says:

    The beat bottle seems like a bad idea, condensation might be an issue.

    • Travis says:

      That condensation does seem like a valid concern. But you have to imagine that Nerdist has done its due diligence and would use something that will harm you nice, expensive electronics