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Crazy Cob Holders for National Corn On The Cob Day

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Crazy food holidays are the norm here on the interwebs, so naturally there’s a National Corn on the Cob Day — and it just so happens to be June 11th, today! Celebrate the magnificence of maize by boiling, roasting or grilling up a cob to celebrate.

Whether you’re adding butter, cheese, or dare I say it, mayo, you’re going to need some festive handles to get a good grip on your sweet corn. These fun cob holders will get you in the spirit for the corniest of holidays.

Corn to Ride-06082015

Corn to Ride from Fred and Friends
Want to eat your corn and do extreme tricks? Then these are the corn holders for you! Made to looks like the handlebars of retro bike, these sweet cob holders are made for all you cyclist corn lovers.

Lucy corn-06082015

Lucy Peanuts corn holders from Creek Life Treasures
Vintage Peanuts fans will love these sweet little Lucy corn cob holders. One of a kind, these original holders would also make adorable cupcake toppers

Horse Cob-06082015

DIY corn holders via Instructables
Can’t find the unique corn holder you’re looking for? Why not make your own custom cob holder? Turn your favorite toy into a corn helper with just a few easy step by step instructions from Instructables.

unicorn on the cob

Unicorn Corn Holders by Gama-Go
Why do you think they’re called unicorns? Nevermind, these sweet little corn holders remind me of Lisa Frank stickers come to life. Corn never tasted so magical.

Corn Lightsaber-06082015

Star Wars Lightsaber corn on the cob via Foodbeast
Use the force to eat your con. This sweet lightsaber corn holder is just a concept but can easily be hacked to make your own. May the corn be with you.

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