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Home Geekonomics: Celebrate Captain Picard Day with Earl Grey Everything

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food, and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

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Happy Captain Picard day! That’s right, June 16th officially belongs to the Captain—or at least as close as we can calculate it to be in 2016. It’s a day to celebrate Captain Jean-Luc Picard of Star Trek: The Next Generation, a role model to children and all. On this day we are going to showcase the Captain’s favorite drink, Earl Grey tea.

While the Captain rarely deviates from how he orders it—Tea. Earl Grey. Hot.—it’s easy to use Earl Grey in non-traditional ways to get the full experience of Picard’s drink of choice.

However you choose to enjoy your afternoon tea, get ready to have a very happy Captain Picard day. Engage!

number one-06142016

earl grey tea ice cream-06142016
Earl Grey Tea Ice Cream by Honestly Yum
Ice cream, the dessert of all desserts. This recipe infuses the cream with the loose tea to extract that bold Earl Grey taste. A simple, creamy custard that’s full of flavor.

earl grey pie-06142016
Earl Grey Pie by The Pie Hole
Los Angeles’ The Pie Hole’s Earl Grey Pie is legendary, once you eat it you’ll find you want a second slice immediately. Flaky, creamy, rich, and smooth, I promise there’s no problem that Earl Grey pastry cream can’t fix.

earl grey cotton candy-06142016
Earl Grey Cotton Candy by Bon Puf
Earl Grey…cotton candy?? Yes indeed, it’s a thing and it’s amazing. Known for their unique flavors, Bon Puf puts a classic spin on old time cotton candy and Earl Grey is one of their signature flavors. Who knew that cotton candy could be so sophisticated?

earl grey vegan donuts-06142016
Earl Grey Donuts by Wholly Vegan
Donuts and Earl Grey tea? Be still my heart. These donuts are vegan, baked and oh so beautifully. The glaze even includes ground tea leaves for a burst of flavor a gorgeously speckled look.

earl grey waffles-06142016
Earl Grey Waffles by Morning Culture
Around here at Nerdist we do love our waffles and why not start off the day by intaking as much Earl Grey as possible by incorporating it into our breakfast routine? “Buttermilk brown sugar waffles infused with the floral, bergamot scent of Earl Grey tea and warm vanilla”—it doesn’t get more comforting than that.


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