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Home Geekonomics: April Fool’s Day Food

Home Geekonomics is a series that features the best in geeky home decor, food and DIY. Each week will focus on a specific fandom and highlight the best of geek for your home and everyday life.

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April Fool’s Day is around the corner, the day to take cautious approach towards anything anyone gives you. Are they handing you something out of love, or are they waiting for you reel back in horror? Most likely the latter. Ah, the joy and pain of practical jokes. If anyone tries to feed you any of these meals on April 1st, beware…they’re not what they seem.

chicken pot pie

Chicken Pot Pie Puddings by Laurie via
Warm and inviting chicken pot pies are actually warm and inviting vanilla puddings with candy veggies. While either would be delicious, the mind trick of getting sweet when you’re expecting savory is almost too much.

apple fries

Apple French Fries by Cookgirl via
These certainly do look like piping hot, salty fries but once again, all is not as it seems. With the help of a ridged knife, these apple slices are made into faux french fries with a side of jam.

Shave Ice Cupcakes

Shave Ice Cupcakes by justJENN
I admit I created these myself, not to fool people but as a reaction to the summer heat. With the party being outside I wanted to convey the festivities of a Hawaii themed party without the melting and cupcakes did the trick. Almost too well, as guests couldn’t believe these weren’t cups of shave ice.

Broccoli pops

Broccoli Lollipops by Decorated Cookie
Here’s a rare reverse food trick: instead of something being unexpectedly made out of sugar, these lollipops are just wrapped broccoli on a stick! Clever and cruel at the same time.

Mashed potato

Mini Cheesecake Mashed Potatoes via Bon Appetit
Another mean one… creamy mashed potatoes and gravy is actual cheesecake in disguise. Both dishes would be welcome, but it’s certainly not the savory bite you’d be expecting. That’s a caramel gravy with chocolate pepper in case you were curious.

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