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Holiday Gift Guide 2014: Book Lovers Edition

Stumped on what to get the book fiend in your life? Books aren’t always the best choice because unless you know someone really well or have access to a wish list, you might end up gifting a book the recipient has already read. That makes book-inspired gadgets and accessories better gifts, and there are tons of options out there from custom shelves to wearables. We’ve got a list that should help you find a gift that’s just right.



Book Lovers Flip Flops – If you’re going to buy someone shoes, flip flops are the easiest option. Men, women, and children wear them, and the sizing doesn’t have to be precise. This waterproof pair designed by Gail Gabel on Cafe Press features stacks of books against a book page background.


Miniature Bookcase Necklace Pendant – Etsy seller JanDa Jewelry has made it possible to wear a bookcase on a necklace with her miniature pendants. The tiny shelf has the littlest books with real leather covers that the artist upcycles from old purses and jackets. The pendants are made to order, and you can request specific colors.

112314_BookGiftGuide_Library Socks

Library Card Socks – Who remembers the days of library cards? I do, and I remember them fondly. These yellow socks are printed to look like the book check out cards and are available in sizes for men and women. You can probably dig up a matching scarf on Etsy.


20,000 Leagues Under the Sea on a T-Shirt – You can save someone the trouble of carrying a book around by getting them a shirt from Litographs. The company prints the text of entire books onto themed tops. The apparel is available in different sizes and colors, and Litographs has several books-on-shirts to choose from.


I Like Big Books And I Cannot Lie Tote Bag – There is no such thing as too many tote bags and that makes them the ideal gift. They come in handy for any and all of your carrying needs, and since stores in some cities are phasing out plastic bags, they’re becoming essential. This design by Etsy seller Me and My 3 Boys is perfect for a book enthusiast.



Handmade Batman Bookcase – There’s no better place to store a pile of Batman trades than this Bat-symbol shaped bookcase. You could also use it for small books and non-Batman trade paperbacks and graphic novels. It’s made to order by Etsy seller Batman Bookcase and is ready to ship in just a few business days.


Clear Acrylic Book Weight – Weigh down a book and read it at the same time with this clear acrylic overlay. It’s handy to use if you’re trying to read on a windy day, keeping a book open to take notes, or leaving a cookbook flat in the kitchen. The book weight will also protect cookbooks from getting stained with spills.


Arrow Bookends – These magnetic bookends are possibly the coolest way to hold up a stack of books. It looks like Green Arrow, Katniss, Hawkeye, Legolas, or Merida stopped by and left a present. They have hidden brackets so they actually do keep the books up while looking awesome.


Doctor Who Bookmark Buddies – Bookmarks are a necessity for those who haven’t converted to reading all digital formats all the time and using Post-its for the job is boring. Etsy seller Bethy Designs has lots of adorable bookmark buddies styles to choose from. This pack features the Tenth and Eleventh Doctors and the TARDIS.


Xtraflex2 Led Book Light – Reading under the covers with a light is an activity that never gets old. Give the gift of that kind of fun to a friend with a handy book light. This one is designed to clip onto the book so it’s much easier than trying to find the exact placement for the flashlight.


Personalized Library Embosser – Know someone who owns a large collection of books and treats it like a library? Order a personalized embosser for them so they can stamp their name onto each title. It’s surprisingly affordable. Just be sure to make yourself scarce on the day your pal decides to emboss his or her entire collection.



Old Books Scented Soy Candle – Who doesn’t love the musty but satisfying smell of old books? Come on, you can admit that you’ve smelled a book or two when no one was looking. This candle by Etsy seller Frostbeard supposedly captures the alluring scent with this candle that has “a sweet, earthy smell with a hint of must.”

Have any other suggestions on what to buy for avid readers? Let us know in the comments.

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  1. Valerie says:

    This made me think of this awesome owl bookmark on etsy:

  2. mandee says:

    Some of the items you listed aren’t even available. Very disappointed. You should really update this or take it down.

  3. Christine says:

    Definitely also want to add Bookbagz to the book lovers’ holiday gift guide (find them on Facebook under Bookbagz).  Amazing purses made from actual book covers.  Beautiful, functional, and fun!

  4. Nadia Ann says:

    House of Nakita’s book page necklaces are rad for anyone into books. I love their goods and always buy them for gifts for people! Website is: 

  5. Brina says:

    Not sure how failed to make the list.  It’s literally literary apparel.  I want so much of their stuff.  So much.  I am not affiliated with the site, just an avid book lover and fan of their stuff.

  6. Anna says:

    I think a book subscription Like Oyster or Kindle Unlimited would make a great gift as well. 

  7. Mark Burke says:

    The Batman bookshelf sold back on Nov 29 (before this article was posted). Boo!

  8. Richard Jansson says:

    Where can I but these things? Can you get them online? Outside the US? 

    • Spill Thrill says:

      If you click the red text with the title of each item, it’s actually a link that takes you to the website of the person/company that sells the thing you’re interested in buying! 
      Technology! Internet! Wow!

  9. Jenn says:

    The Kindle Voyage! You can have countless books with you and you can read in any light!

  10. Shegs says:

    The one thing i wanted has already been sold…