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The HOCUS POCUS Lifestyle Collection Proves Life’s a Witch (Exclusive)

Come little children, I’ll take thee away! Halloween has come early with the release of a new line of merchandise from the beloved family spooky movie Hocus Pocus. Fans can now live out their Sanderson Sisters fantasies with clothes, collectibles, and more thanks to a new line from Spencer’s that showcases the 1993 Disney movie classic.

Nerdist has an exclusive look at the new collection and it’s the ideal ensemble for the everyday witch to get ready for Fall. Dresses and tanks feature characteristics of the three witches’ distinctive style, while quotes from the movie embellish accessories, jewelry, and drinkware.

Cat fans will be happy to see Binx front and center on many of the designs, with the immortal black cat featured on mugs and shirts so you can keep Thackery Binx by your side all day long.

The best part of this collection are the new blind pack Hocus Pocus collectible keychains—included are all three Sanderson sisters (Winifred, Mary, and Sarah)—and they’re sure to kill you dead with cuteness. Blind packs require sorcery to get the exact item you want, so you’ll have to sort through the rest of the set that includes Max, Dani, Binx, and Billy Butcherson, as well as two mystery characters.

Someone light the Black Flame Candle and get all these Hocus Pocus home goods before they go away for another 300 years! Or at least until they sell out.

Check out more photos from this adorably eerie collection in the gallery below. The entire Hocus Pocus line will be available online at starting this Friday August 25th, with products hitting brick and mortar stores September 25th.

How will you be decorating for Nerdoween this year? Let us know in the comments!

Images: Spencer’s

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