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Historic Snowfall Hits the Northeast… Or Does It?

News flash: Snow happens in winter. Especially in the North. The coolest thing about those moments when frozen water falls from the sky and blankets the world is that meteorology is a pretty inexact science. In fact, it involves a lot of predictions that turn out to be wrong. In case you have been without the internet for the last few days, a major storm – one they were calling Juno – hit the north eastern part of the country on Monday. It went about as well as you would expect, and we should all be reminded of the magnificently quotable Agent Kae: “A person is smart. People are dumb, panicky dangerous animals and you know it.”

While newscasters and the government threw around trigger words like “historic storm,” “worst in history,” and escalated the projected inches of snow that would fall between Monday afternoon and Wednesday morning with alarming speed (it went from 6 inches to 36 inches in about an hour), the rational humans who have survived snow before did rational things. We stocked up on food, invited our friends over, and told everyone to bring wine. Many board games were played and much Netflix was streamed. I watched Battle Royale for the first time!

The storm was not historic. It dropped about a foot on New York City. Yes, more fell on Boston but it was still below the predicted amount. The rest of the country that gets snow every winter is still laughing into their coffee about our closed subways, travel bans and the obscene amount of pictures on Instagram that come with the caption “Obligatory Snow Day Picture” and are solid white. Also, this snow? It does not mean global warming isn’t real.

Snow may have ultimately made a lot of us look silly, but that doesn’t mean everything proceeded as normal. A number of NYC-based shows had to shut down production in light of the storm. The office that handles all film permits sent crews running to reschedule when they tweeted this on Monday:

Representatives from the networks confirmed to THR that The Blacklist, The Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order: SVU, Elementary, Person of Interest, The Good Wife, and The Americans all were affected by the storm and had to cancel filming. Both late night TV and morning shows were delayed and diverted as well, though the majority of these shows were either in reruns or aired repackaged shows in light of the storm. Only CBS’ Late Show with David Letterman said they would still be filming Tuesday night.

The theater community also cancelled all performances on Monday night though most will be curtain up tonight. Check with theaters before you head out if you’re worried.

What’s getting the most news though, is that Louis C.K. was scheduled to perform at Madison Square Garden tonight but had to cancel the show in light of the weather. He sent this great email to all the ticket holders:

Dear friend,

Hi. It’s Louis CK here to make sure everyone knows that my show show tomorrow at Madison Square Garden has been canceled. All ticket holders will automatically get a refund. I am really sorry about this and I am surprised to learn as I write this that there is only one L in the word canceled. I’ll have to take my phone’s word for it. But it doesn’t look right to me.

In any case, there seems to be a massive storm approaching New York City. They are calling this storm “historic” which…. Well I didn’t know you could call a thing historic if it hasn’t happened yet. But I’m not one to defy future historic events. And I have to be respectful of the responsibility I have to the 15,000 people who are holding tickets to the show and could be stranded somewhere historically trying to get to or from my show. I think it’s clearly better that I alter history in the name of safety and cancel. Besides, if you’ve ever tried to get your deposit back when you rent a banquet hall for a wedding that gets snowed out, you don’t want to even know what the deposit is on Madison Square Jesus Christing Garden is.

So. No show. I will be on Letterman tonight, though. So you can yell boo right at my stupid and very handsome face on your tv screen or on your paper towel or your watch or whatever you view Letterman on.

Also I will be contacting you very soon about my new standup special which will be historically available only on my website very soon.

I really want to thank everyone who came to the shows at MSG. It was an incredible experience. The audiences were great. And the crew at MSG is classy and professional.

Okay. That’s it. I have to do some laundry now.

Take care of yourself and don’t be a jerk to people.

Louis CK

It’s a shame that Juno caused such historic freak outs all over the internet for a few measly inches of snow, but in the end, it’s probably better that we’re all safe than sorry, right? The Northeast will dig out and return to normal soon. Until then, find some pictures of animals playing in the snow. Like this one.


And maybe check out the#blizzardof2015 hashtag on Twitter. The pictures are great. New Yorkers, we hope you tipped your Seamless delivery people well!

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  1. Rando says:

    I think it’s only the Weather Channel that called the storm “Juno”. Some local TV stations name storms on their own as well. The National Weather Service only names Hurricanes.