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His Name Is HEAD LOPPER and He Will Lop off Your Head

Some comic-book characters are cagey about what they do, as far as name-choosing is concerned. Wonder Woman, for example, is wonderful, but that doesn’t tell you anything about her powers or skills. Cable has abilities that don’t really have anything to do with cables. He-Man is…male, obviously, but what else? And what exactly does the Maxx do…to the max?

Then there’s Head Lopper. No doubt about what he does. None at all.


Known to his friends, such as they are, as Norgal, Head Lopper began in indie comics by creator Andrew MacLean and was picked up by Image. Now, he already has his first vinyl collector figure, made by Skelton Crew Studio. He’s articulated at the shoulders and wrists for “fist-pumping poseability.” (Do they watch Jersey Shore in the land of Barra?)

head lopper front

Place your preorder by July 1st to get that bonus canvas map of Barra for free. But place an order before the end of June if you want the limited Blue Bog variant:


The figure is nicely symmetrical–hardly lopsided at all. But he is not designed to be a children’s toy; one is expected to be at least fifteen years of age before enjoying a vinyl decapitator. Perhaps that’s because he’s “Not guaranteed to lop the heads off your other toys. But probably will.”

Are you going to roll out the ol’ credit card for a chance to catch this cranial cutter? Is some noggin-knifin’ in the future of your other vinyl collectibles? Comment below to tell us if you think Norgal is ready to be a normal part of your collection.

Images: Image Comics, Skelton Crew Studio

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