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Christopher Nolan Goes TOP GUN in “Highway to the DUNKIRK Zone”

Christopher Nolan’s Dunkirk, about the historic mass evacuation of trapped Allied forces during World War II, is a relentless, high-octane cinematic experience from start to finish. And while the action on the land and the sea are incredible and fraught with danger, the film’s most intense scenes take place in the sky, where British aircrafts duel with German bombers to protect the thousands of soldiers trying to make it home safely. But for as exhilarating and nerve-wracking as those moments are, they are missing one crucial element to make any jet fight as great as it can be: Kenny Loggins.

People, it’s time to take the highway to the Dunkirk Zone.

Has any other movie theme ever managed to transcend its own film to become a theme song for an entire genre the way “Highway to the Danger Zone” has? What started out as a theme for the ’80s classic Top Gun has since become the only tune that’ll run through your head whenever you even think of jets taking to the sky to do battle. As such, we get the above long-awaited mash-up, created by our very own Matt Caron.

We feel the need! The. Need. For… Conserving our fuel for as long as possible because the entire fate of the world might rest on this evacuation. Okay, that might not be as catchy a slogan, but this mashup is still great. This perfect pop culture crossover is only the latest bit of genius from Caron, who was the first person to realize The Accountant is actually a Batman movie, and who also gave us Old Man Logan’s Run. (You can see how proud we here at Nerdist are of Matt.)

What other movie would be even better with this song? Take the highway to our comments below to give us your best idea.

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