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Hiddleston, del Toro, and Maisie Williams at Comic Con, Wil’s Return, David Wain Gets Wet: The Week In Podcasts

Let’s take our weekly look at what we heard on the Nerdist Podcast Network this week, shall we? Sure, what the hell, why not. Here we go:

The second Nerdist Podcast from San Diego Comic Con came to you via the magic of downloadable audio this week, and this time, Guillermo del Toro and Tom Hiddleston came on to talk about Crimson Peak and how handsome and cool Tom is. Really, they do, and he is, and he’s also gonna be Hank Williams Sr. in a biopic, which, well, yeah, that seems perfect — he kinda has that face like Hank did, and it’s a fascinating, tragic story about an all-time great. And Guillermo offers some info about the new movie and there’s an announcement that will make you want to go to a particular place and see a particular Crimson Peak-related thing. Then, Arya Stark herself, Maisie Williams, comes on to talk about being funny online and serious on screen, keeping things light on the set, Internet trolls, and… she has her own announcement, too. And then there are quemments. That’s a LOT of great listening in one show, it is.

Wil Wheaton was back for a third solo visit to the Nerdist Podcast, fresh off Comic Con and Wootstock, and they discussed the comedy benefits of talking about pooping, depression, Seth Green’s toys, JFL Montreal, and Social Justice Warriors. Oh, and we heard more about the pronunciation of GIF, because you can’t get enough of that.

And then there was David Wain on the Nerdist Podcast, with a lot of behind-the-scenes stuff about making Wet Hot American Summer and the Netflix prequel series, which is pretty fascinating for anyone who either loved the movie or has an interest in how things get made in this town. David pointed out that fast and cheap may be the way to go, as the success of Children’s Hospital and Wainy Days demonstrate. Oh, did I mention there’s plenty of talk about the genesis of The State? ‘Cause there is.

Jess and Bowser talked about Bowser’s cat, told some internal Nerdist trivia about a particular scary documentary, discussed some weird things in the news (including fart-filtering jeans), and debated an article about whether it was the Berenstain or Berenstein Bears on Bizarre States. (I can only remember Berenstain on the books, ever. You don’t forget that spelling.)

The Nerdist Comics Panel welcomed Ed Brubaker for a show recorded earlier this year at Wondercon in Anaheim, interviewed by Ben Blacker. He talked a lot about Captain America (and where you’ll see his cameo in The Winter Soldier) and his writing process (handwritten!) and his comics creations like Velvet and The Fade Out.

Comedian, musician, wildly talented guy Tim Minchin did You Made It Weird, with Tim and Pete talking about hygiene, hats, being noticeable (“full-Minchin”), being a musical comedian, playing big rooms, loving/hating comedy, sticking out at Edinburgh, confidence, veganism, selfishness and greed, and a lot more.

Psych star James Roday remembered his teen self as the latest of the Boys of Summer to visit The JV Club.

Our own Lies with Sara Schaefer host Sara Schaefer and comic Scott Moran sang along with Todd on The Todd Glass Show.

Kevin and Steve did a Wilmer Flores (Google him) with a list of Movies that Made Them Cry on Chewin’ It. Also, growing nuts (the drought and almonds, of course- what did you THINK they meant?), and how they deal with that welling-up of emotions in the theater (saliva is involved). Go listen to find out what gets their tears flowing.

Devin Faraci (the one and only, he insists) looked at movies and games with Kumail and Emily on The Indoor Kids, including Jonathan Strange and Mr. Norrell, The 100, The Flash, Suicide Squad, and way more, including getting assigned to write hit pieces on movies.

The first Comic Book Club of the week saw comedian Sean Reidy return for another round of comic book talk. Then, on the second edition of the week, Jeff Rubin enthused — a lot — about Arkham Knight in his visit to the Comic Book Club, and there was some bonus Punisher stuff. Brian Heater from Tech Times was joined by Jeff Newelt and Jason Serafino for more reviews on the third Comic Book Club of the week. And finally, a fourth Comic Book Club for the week had Neal Turitz talking about watching a Marvel marathon, as if there’s ever too much of that. Four episodes in one week! That’s a lot of comic talk.

As the weeks dwindle down to a precious few, the Thrilling Adventure Hour brought us their panel from C2E2, plus a word from the King of Coffee, as portrayed by the King of Something or Other, Paul F. Tompkins.

Actress Ginger Gonzaga dropped by Pop My Culture.

Razzle compared factual statements with sketch comics Megan Hayes and Trent Ward, collectively MegaTrent, on Today We Learned

And Tom’s client and friend Zach Tann inspired us on Pro You.

Go listen to all of it at the Nerdist Podcast Network homepage and make sure you follow the Nerdist Podcast Network Facebook page for maximum entertainment impact. There’s a lot there for you.

Contributor: Kyle Clark
Crimson Peak, Universal/Legendary Pictures

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