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Hey, GAME OF THRONES Fans: Check Out Arya’s Sweet, New Braavosi Threads

We may have seen some unofficial photos of it this past summer, but Game of Thrones‘ upcoming fifth season has slowly begun to reveal itself to us in an official capacity and things are looking mighty different for some characters. In fact we dare say Arya Stark is going to look like a whole different person!

Yes: Arya Stark, everyone’s favorite budding serial murderperson, has long been forced to wear a sad sack of an outfit these past four seasons. The same one, in fact, over and over again (Hey — it’s hard to find a new change of clothes when you’re wandering the countryside as a captive). So it’s not really a surprise that once she gets to Braavos, one of the first things she does is get herself a fresh pair of duds for her new life across the Narrow Sea.

And the folks over at Entertainment Weekly managed to snag a sketch of it from the series’ costume designers! Do you want to see it? (Oh please of course you do or else you wouldn’t have clicked on this post, now would you?)

Well, bask in the glory of Arya’s new duds. They’re more than one color! And they’re … dressy?! *Record screech* Say WHAT?

Yup: Arya’s going to wear a skirt, you guys. And something tells us she’s probably not going to take too kindly to this new way of dressing. But who knows, right? I mean people change their face (metaphorically speaking, cough) all the time. She very well could surprise us.

What do you think of Arya’s new duds? Are they Braavosi enough for you? Let us know in the comments!

Featured Image Powered by DeviantArt // Artist: drawrae

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  1. Heidi BruMar says:

    Also, Ben Franklin wants his shoes back.

  2. Heidi BruMar says:

    Not at all how I picture her in Braavos. I’m reading A Feast for Crows right now and this is certainly not how Martin describes her. Bland and boring here on this drawing. And speaking of the drawing, does she turn into a Sleestak? I haven’t gotten to that part of the book yet I guess……..

  3. @cityworker33 says:

    Maybe there’s a dress-code in braavos… or maybe she’s got a big ol’ Needle hidden under that skirt…