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Here’s Your TITANFALL 2 Trailer, a Little Bit Early

Update: EA and Respawn officially unveiled the Titanfall 2 Vanguard Collector’s Edition, which is currently available for pre-order. It will retail for $249.99 and will come with the Titanfall 2 Deluxe Edition, a Dog Tag Flash Drive, Pilot SRS Field Journal, Squad Morale patches, a scarf, and a massive Vanguard Pilot Helmet Replica–complete with LED lights. The more affordable Deluxe Edition, which comes with exclusive war paints, nose arts, and camouflages, will cost $79.99.

Titanfall 2 Collector's Edition

Stand by for Titanfall…again!

Here we go everybody! The first official day of E3 press conferences is off to a rousing start. Though EA‘s briefing won’t kick off until 1 p.m. PST, we already have our first reveal–and it’s all thanks to an accidental leak. Earlier this morning, the official Titanfall 2 trailer was making the rounds online. Despite its being taken down, EA went ahead and formally dropped the game’s campaign trailer, and revealed that it will be coming to Xbox One, PS4, and PC on October 28. Witness the adrenaline-filled magic at the top of the page!

We already knew EA would be revealing more on Titanfall 2 today, so the news doesn’t come as too much of a surprise. But, it is welcome all the same, because the footage looks absolutely stunning. Plus, it’s great to get the actual release date. October is suddenly feeling much further away.

With one of the main criticisms of the first game (simply titled Titanfall) being that it didn’t have a single player campaign, it’s great to see that the developer has included it, and is putting a big emphasis on it this time around. One of the interesting things about the trailer is that it seems like the story will be coming from a Titan’s point of view. In the clip, we hear what seems to be a faction leader speaking with a Titan about the death of their pilot.

The video’s official description is as follows:

“Pilot and Titan unite as never before in Respawn Entertainment’s highly anticipated Titanfall® 2. Featuring a crafted single player campaign that explores the unique bond between man and machine, players will step on to The Frontier as a Militia rifleman with aspirations of becoming a Pilot. Stranded behind IMC enemy lines, and against overwhelming odds, you must team up with a veteran Vanguard-class Titan and uphold a mission you were never meant to carry out.”

The first title’s multiplayer modes were already spectacular, so we should be in for a treat in that department. With EA’s press conference going down soon, we may be learning more about the game. Stay tuned for updates, and don’t forget to tune in to our live blog of the show at 1 p.m. Pacific time!

Are you all-in for Titanfall 2? Tell us below!

Image: EA

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