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Here’s the Trailer For “Grand Theft Auto V”

They’re still making Grand Theft Auto sequels? Yep, and this is the trailer for Grand Theft Auto V, set in a pretty sharp-looking knockoff of Los Angeles that isn’t technically Los Angeles (“Vinewood”? “Little Seoul”?) but sure has practically every landmark that the real Los Angeles has. No release date yet, but if you’re a GTA fan, you’re probably already queuing up for it.

HT: Grantland

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  1. Kaeden says:

    Enligethnnig the world, one helpful article at a time.

  2. BassBone says:

    San Andreas is the state. Los Santos is the city. It’s like Vice City stands in for Miami and Liberty City is New York. Los Santos in general and San Andreas as a whole are my favorite GTA setting so far, though.

  3. anncoultersadamsapple says:

    Hey Perry Michael Simon, the license plates say San Andreas and the cop cars say Los Santos, so it is cannon.

  4. CubanRefugee says:

    The Saints Row series has really spoiled me in terms of fun open-world sandbox crime games, but GTA V is looking pretty good so far, here’s hoping that Rockstar heard their fans that they’re tired of having to take their cousin places and keep up relationships in game. I’d like to see it go back to the San Andreas/Vice City/GTA III days of nothing but storyline and good old fashion shoot-em-up.

  5. @mimurmaid says:

    Haven’t played GTA since Vice City, but I love the trailer, I’m def playin this one!

  6. Ah man this looks so good

  7. Yeah, I’m not sure that they’ll stick to canon, so I didn’t want to assume it was San Andreas again. The scenery, though, is pretty uncanny, other than the changed names on the Hollywood sign and the freeway signs. I didn’t see my neighborhood in the trailer, though. Nor Meltdown.

  8. Livius says:

    So far it’s only Los Santos, the LA in the GTA universe.
    I hope they bring back San Fierro (San Fransicso) and Las Venturas (Las Vegas)

    The guy in the trailer is speculated to be Tommy Vercetti from Vice City.
    I think the guy in the green sweater is an older CJ Johnson from San Andreas.

  9. Austin J. says:

    From what I’ve seen this game looks amazing. San Andreas is a complete ripoff of Los Angeles though haha.

  10. Richard L. says:

    Assuming this is canon with the other games in the series (at least through GTA3), the city should be San Andreas, since that’s what they called their version of LA in GTA: San Andreas.